Margaret Flowers

#NJRR Special Reports: A Tribute to Kevin Zeese on New Jersey Revolution Radio

Kevin Zeese was a giant on the independent left. #NJRR joins with all of his friends, family, and comrades who mourn his sudden passing. Here is a compilation of his contributions to our network. We remember his legacy in solidarity. Rest in power comrade.

Start – Part 1 #NJRR Live: A Special Panel on Venezuela January 30, 2019
00:39:55 – Part 2 Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation March 21, 2019
01:43:49 – Part 3 The US War Empire: A Panel Discussion May 28, 2019

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The GPNJ House at The Green Annual National Meeting: A Recap

Diane and Brian are joined by Madelyn and Tom to discuss their experiences at the ANM. Livestream Gallery includes the full Presidential Forum and m….

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A Tribute to Bruce Dixon at Left Forum

Bruce A. Dixon was a giant among revolutionaries. His life will live on in the actions and hearts of thousands in the movement.

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Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation

The United States looks increasingly foolish trying to sell a war in Venezuela. Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, and Joe Lombardo went to see for themselves.

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HR-676 is dead. What now?

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather interviews healthcare icon Dr. Margaret Flowers. They talk about the death of the Medicare for All “gold standard” HR-676. Then, they discuss where the fight for Medicare For All has to go next. Why Become An Activist? Dr. Margaret Flowers started her career as a pediatrician…

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