#NJRR​ Live: “Grass”roots Activism with Sanjay Chaudhari

Tonight we interview Sanjay Chaudhari “Horticulturalist, Economist, Environmentalist, Geneticist, Trader, Healer, Activist ,Dreamer, Jedi” or as we know him, a cannabis activist who yells with and at Brian on social media. We are back! @RevRadNat streams every Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8pm EST!

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#NJRR​ Live: Weed! Plus a panel on Technology Taking Over Labor: Life Without Work?

Join host Brian Powers and writer Leah Giannantonio as they talk about WEED! Cannabis laws are changing and our resident “Cannabis Scholar” will help us understand what is up. Plus! Editorial Board members Pat Fahy and Marilyn Gomez-Agudelo talk in a panel about robots, work, and what the future holds for labor.

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#NJRR Live: WTF Just Happened?: A Recap Of Bourgeoisie Elections

Join Co-Host Trahern Ausar Crews and a panel that will analyze the 2020 theatrical production known as a “Presidential Election” plus NJ State political buffoonery including the legalization of expensive recreational weed. Joining us will be Christian Perez of Modernity and Absurdity and, from the Young Ecosocialists Matt Skolar!

Every week we return for more interviews from the grassroots. #NJRR Live is dedicated to the mission of New Jersey Revolution Radio of fostering Art and Activism.

Tune in here on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube for the rough version recorded and broadcast live, or visit, Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and everywhere podcasts can be heard for the finished version.

Sponsors welcome! Run your message on our ticker or have a show mention during our commercial break! Contact for more information.

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Jury Nullification With NJ Weedman

In this edition of WWR, Heather sits down for a hazy interview with a true New Jersey original, the one and only Ed Forchion, better known of course as NJ Weedman. Plug the Joint, Man Heather met Weedman for this interview at his Trenton “joint”, as he calls it: 322 East State Street, conveniently located…

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Community Cannabis Forums Part 1.

Host Henry “Hank” Green, Ken Wolski, Hugh Giordano, and Frank Salluce talk about the different aspects of legalization and decriminalization.

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Community Cannabis Forum

Event Notice: Community Cannabis Forum To Be Held In Pleasantville. Date:    April 4, 2019 Time:    7:00pm-9:30pm Place:   Mount Zion Baptist Church             353 S New Rd             Pleasantville NJ 08232 New Jersey Revolution Radio with our coalition partners Voices of AC, Mt. Zion Baptist Church and 420 IT Solutions will be hosting the general public…

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#WTF With Pat and Brian: Choke it Down and Buy a Mug.

Legal Weed…………Not. The Democrats control the State Senate, the State Assembly and the Governors office. They promised legal weed, 15 dollars an hour and to protect the environment. None of it is happening. So What the F@#? “Choke it Down.” The endorsement given by for Bob Menendez has a title that must make people…

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Support Your Local Weedman, Not White Businesses Says State’s Leading Marijuana Activist

(TRENTON -NJ) After winning freedom NJ Weedman calls for boycott of white cannabis industry. On May 25, 2018 NJ Weedman was released from the Mercer County, N.J. jail after being held without bail for 447 days and representing himself in court to win acquittal of serious criminal charges at two jury trials. “The state politicians…

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