#NJRR Special Reports: A Tribute to Kevin Zeese on New Jersey Revolution Radio

Kevin Zeese was a giant on the independent left. #NJRR joins with all of his friends, family, and comrades who mourn his sudden passing. Here is a compilation of his contributions to our network. We remember his legacy in solidarity. Rest in power comrade.

Start – Part 1 #NJRR Live: A Special Panel on Venezuela January 30, 2019
00:39:55 – Part 2 Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation March 21, 2019
01:43:49 – Part 3 The US War Empire: A Panel Discussion May 28, 2019

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A Discussion on The Afghanistan Papers

We are joined by Madelyn Hoffman and Wahid Omar to discuss the major revelations in the Afghanistan Papers. The group also discusses options and philosophy when it comes to ending an unjust war “responsibly”.

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Jewish Voice For Peace

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather sits down with Peter Lemish and Amal Awad from Central Jersey Jewish Voice For Peace. They update us on the P is for Palestine book event as well as highlight the No Way To Treat A Child campaign. Heather Warburton 0:02 This is Wine, Women, and…

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Venezuela, Colombia and Peace With Madelyn Hoffman

Longtime friend of NJRR, peace activist and former New Jersey Green Party Senate candidate Madelyn Hoffman sits down with our own Heather Warburton to discuss her recent visits to Colombia and Venezuela, and how America’s ugliest imperialist tendencies are seeping through yet again. A Champion for Peace in Colombia Madelyn is a fierce advocate for…

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A Message On Veterans Day

  On Veterans Day Peace Activists Say No More War in Our Names. New Jersey Revolution Radio calls out on Veterans Day for peace and an end to oppression around the world.  This video is meant to inspire more Americans to take a moral stand against endless wars for profit. We also call for an…

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Imperialism And Military: A Conversation With Activists

3 Activists for peace and justice join the Green Party New Jersey Co-Chair Theresa Markila for a conversation that the mainstream, media and candidates on the campaign continue to ignore, imperialism. Ajamu Baraka, Madelyn Hoffman, and Diane Moxley have a conversation that America needs to have, we hope that their efforts grow the peace movement….

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