People over Pipelines

#NJRR Live: Essential Oil? Homeowners Deal With Pipeline Damage

Welcome to the #NJRR Live Show, which is dedicated to the mission of fostering art and activism. Tonight our host Brian Powers is excited to welcome guest host Kim Meudt from the Green Party and special guest Agnes Marsala from People over Pipelines!

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Environmental Struggles in Newark and New Egypt

Today-local activists participated in a “Pack the Council Chambers”.  There was a City Council ordinance to remove the public advertising requirement of all executive orders of the mayor. Part of the Democrat Party machine, the mayor fell in line with actions of  lack of transparency. This created community push back. This ordinance hinders progress. The…

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People Over Pipelines President Demands an End to “Fossil Fuel Infrastructure.”

If we have any chance, we need to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure NOW! Angela Marsalas, President of People over Pipelines joins DIane Moxley.

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