ALEC Is Growing: Interview With Mary Bottari

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) built private prison corporations like Geo Groups and CCA now advance union busting and white supremacy.

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Fighting For Clean Water And Social Justice An Interview With Food and Water Watch

This episode aired previously but never appeared in our RSS feed until today. Today on Wine, Women, and Revolution (The Socialist Podcast) Heather is joined in the studio by not one but two amazing activists, Lena Smith and Jocelyn Sawyer from Food and Water Watch NJ. Food and Water Watch is a grassroots organization fighting…

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New Jersey Drug Policy Panel Presented By #NJRR

3 Garden State activists talk about the current New Jersey Drug Policy and how criminalizing drugs affects the lives of New Jersey residents. The panel discusses prescription medications effect on the drug problem, this is not the only policy we will see take hold in the next few years. We also explore the idea of…

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Brian Powers- Founder of New Jersey Revolution Radio Talks With Jim Brash

On this New Jersey Revolution Radio episode, founder Brian Powers joins Jim Brash. We hear about the struggle for an increase in the New Jersey Minimum Wage. The Democratic party is working hard to water down upcoming raise in the minimum wage. Working class people need more than $15 an hour right now, however, the…

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Madelyn Hoffman Comments As We Move Our Embassy In Israel

Madelyn joins Brian to talk about the repercussions of our embassy move in Israel. While Brian laments our continued support of Israel’s aggression Madelyn lays out how peace can be achieved if Israel would stop expanding and follow international law. Make a contribution: njrevolutionradio.com/make_a_contribtion/ Website: www.njrevolutionradio.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/NJRevRad/ Twitter: twitter.com/NJRevRad Patreon:www.patreon.com/NJRevolutionRadio

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Local Mother Fights White Supremacy At Ventnor Elementary

On this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution Heather interviews Randi Alston, the mother of a child who formerly attended Ventnor Elementary School until an incident with white supremacy. Randi was shocked to hear her 10 year old daughter tell her the school teacher mentioned that there were positive aspects of slavery and that some…

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Is Hillary Clinton Still This Out Of Touch?

In this podcast I talk about an article in Fortune Magazine.  My gut instinct was not a very good one. I personalized it without paying attention to who the intended audience really was. My thoughts after reflection were different. I saw past my initial emotions and came to better understand how that same message impacts others…

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Incarceration, Advocacy, and Art a conversation with Marshall Justice Rountree

Join Brian as he speaks with Marshall Justice Rountree. Marshall is a social justice, criminal advocate, and spoken word artist who spent time in prison, where he earned a paralegal degree and represented other prisoners through consultation and legal assistance. He is also a spoken word artist, who organizes 360 Poetry Night with Justice and…

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Incarceration, Advocacy, and Art: A Conversation With Justice Rountree

Justice is a social justice advocate and poet who spent 23 years incarcerated in New Jersey, where he earned a paralegal degree and represented other prisoners through consultation and legal assistance. As a spoken word artist he organized “360 Poetry Night with Justice” and works with the New Jersey Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement….

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Fighting For Clean Water And Social Justice: An Interview With Food and Water Watch

Today Heather is joined in the studio by not one but two amazing activists, Lena Smith and Jocelyn Sawyer from Food and Water Watch NJ. Food and Water Watch is a grassroots organization fighting for clean food and water for all, social justice, clean energy, and  an end to hydraulic fracking. They discuss local initiatives…

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NJRR: Coalition Work Against White Supremacy

Conrad joins Brian to talk about his work in Suffolk County New York and the different organizations in his collective, which includes Redneck Revolt, SP, and IWW. The discussion focuses on culture of white supremacy in our establishments, including the police and fire department on local levels and culturally in law enforcement. Listen On Soundcloud

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When We Lose Our Fear They Lose Their Power

Brian talks about keeping his ideas and podcasts in order and focused on subject. He talks about Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget m and how the narrative has been very anti-worker until that speech. He then brings up the Democratic strategy of scaring the electorate into “The Lesser of 2 Evils”

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Emotional Health On The Left

Still early on, Brian goes on a few early thought tangents about the psychology of being an activist and the importance of raising self esteem, Having organizers with low self esteem makes them vulnerable to manipulative people, who understand and use this condition to wreak havoc on the functions of our organizations. It only makes…

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Why We Need Revolution Radio.

Our pilot episode of what would become “Left Off The Turnpike” Brian discusses the early vision for an independent anti-capitalist media outlet here in New Jersey. Recorded as he drives to work in the morning on our Garden State Turnpike. 

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Brian Interviews New Jersey’s Elected Socialist Pat Noble

Brian Greets Socialist Party’s Pat Noble, a Red Bank School Board Member to talk about being an elected socialist, and his role in building an Anti- Capitalist organization from a national perspective. Of course these two will will always spend some time hating on Democrats. Join a mini reunion of Comrades from 15 Now NJ…

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Moms Demand Action Demands Loyalty to a Pro Gun Candidate

Heather and Brian discuss the recent statements by “Moms Demand Action” group in support of Jeff Van Drew, who holds a 100% rating from the NRA. Van Drew imos looking to take the Congressional seat in CD-2. Apparently nobody from the local chapter was even consulted before this announcement was made. Listen on Soundcloud at:…

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NJRR Special Earth Day Forum

Revolution was part of Earth Day from the start. Join our panel hosted by Theresa Markila with Matt Smith from Food and Water Watch, our very own Heather Warburton and Madelyn Hoffman (Director of New Jersey Peace Action) in a discussion about what Earth Day means to them. The group also explores the intersection of…

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On The Rails With Brian: GPNJ & Welfare Reform

From the train station Brian recaps his last 18 months serving on the Green Council and the convention held this past weekend. He also has a message for anyone with an opinion about welfare. Remind yourself that your struggles will make you stronger! #NJRR Listen On Soundcloud Here: Can You Help Build New Jersey Revolution…

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Saving 32 Acres- Jacqui Wenzel With Brian and Heather

The township of Ocean New Jersey in Monmouth County is putting profit over people, and the safety of local environment. Our friend Jacqui Wenzel talks about the impact on her community, and Heather Warburton backs up Jackie’s environmental concerns with data about the areas “Impervious Ground Cover” being at critical levels already. You can listen…

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