Proud Boys

The Idavox Report Feb 16, 2021: Keeping An Eye On The Far Right

Welcome to the Idavox Report on Revolution Radio! Hello and welcome to another Idavox Report on Revolution Radio, here to show you that hate has consequences. We are honored to welcome Daryle Lamont-Jenkins to the show tonight. Daryle is a long-time comrade and activist who has been working for 30 years to weed out and…

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The Idavox Report February 9, 2021: From Portland to My Pillow

Daryle Lamont-Jenkins brings his comrade Luis to talk about Anti-Facist actions and more from Portland. Also the crew discusses the impeachment of Donald Trump. Again. See you every Tuesday at 8pm EST for the Idavox Report!

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The Idavox Report: A call to fight white supremacy after the Inauguration

Daryle Lamont-Jenkins (@DLamontJenkins) of One People’s Project and Brian Powers (@NJRR_Brian) from @RevRadNat are back for another report on what is going on with our struggle against the violent right wing. Daryle returns from his day at the capitol witnessing what he could of the inaugural ceremony. The comrades also discuss right wing failures to organize around state capitals.

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