The Idavox Report: Opposing the American Renaissance Conference with Will York

Something fishy is going down in Tennessee. Why are lawmakers allowing blatant white supremacy groups to have huge events? What happens when their Constituents speak out against it? Tonight, Daryle Lamont Jenkins talks to Will York about the American Renaissance Conference.

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#NJRR Live: “Getting The Shot” Resistance to Vaccinations

Join Co-Host Afrika and a panel of New Jersey-based activists to talk about the resistance to vaccinations. Public polling suggests widespread skepticism surrounding vaccinations. As the virus kills 1 person every minute we bring in our conspiracy theory expert Christian Perez and community organizers from the Garden State to talk facts. Plus, international news from Iran, a top nuclear scientist was murdered by a remote control car, we will discuss the consequences of these mob-style murders that are believed to be carried out by Israel.

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Nothing To See Here

“Your disability is too much of a burden for our company. We’re sorry, but we have to let you go.”

My disability. As I sat back against my headboard, I rolled the thought through my mind.

My disability.

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Racism and Medicine

This is a jam packed episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution. We are doing a deep dive into the very real and significant effects that racial bias in medicine can have from emergency, to trauma medicine, to obstetrics. November is also Premature Birth Awareness Month and women of color have a far statistically higher rate…

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Does The Idea Of A “Purple Church” Foster Racism

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather interviews Rev. Blake Spencer about the concept of a “purple church”. Rev. Blake explains that comfort and fear have created an environment that allows racism to foster in white churches. He explains the steps he is taking to lead his church forward on the interplay of…

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Fearing The Black Body

In this episode, Heather sits down with Sabrina Strings author of “Fearing The Black Body” This is a fantastic book analyzing the often overlooked connection between racism and fat phobia in the US. Ms. Strings has been able to uncover a long history of how weight and body shape has been used to other and…

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NJRR Live: Action Report Fighting Racism in South Jersey

Toms River BOE member Daniel Leonard is not stepping down after making racist comments and standing by them. Instead of backing down this Trumper is calli..

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The Middle Class Is The Ultimate Social Construct

What we in the US have been told in regards to middle class is that it is the class between the working classes and the upper classes. The average person in the US has accepted that definition, a definition that is based on income, but it is only a piece of the definition and it…

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White Supremacy In Ventnor Elementary: A Follow-Up With Randi Alston

This episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution is part of our ongoing coverage of Racism and White Supremacy in Ventnor Elementary School. A few months ago we had our first interview. with Ventnor mother Randi Alston. She recounted the story of how her 10 year old daughter came home from school one day and, was…

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