#NJRR​ Live: Racism In Writing with Teka

#NJRR​ Live is back for another great episode with Teka, A writer with no fear of calling out the wrongs in our system. This woman of a million words is as prolific as she is passionate and we can’t wait to catch up with our comrade! Plus! The editorial board is at work and member Marilyn Gomez-Agudelo is going to bring you the first of her reviews on media! This week she will tell us about the horror movie “The Platform” and give us her anti-capitalist critique!

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The Idavox Report With Daryle Lamont-Jenkins : Lester and Dylan Chambers

Tonight, Daryle-Lamont Jenkins interviews Lester and Dylan Chambers of Midnight Transit. Join Brian, Christian, Daryle, and the Chambers boys as they discuss the expression of activism through art and more.

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#NJRR Live: Looking into the LatinX Vote

This week, host Christian Perez and guest Dr. Flavio Hickel Jr. dive into voter trends, social attitudes and the class differences affecting LatinX votes.

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