The #Idavox Report with Daryle Lamont Jenkins July 27, 2021

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Tonight’s show opens with our full panel: Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez. They begin by talking about music. Daryle suggests that when the Idavox report returns in September, we might do a music-themed episode.

The panel reflects on the recent hearings in the wake of the January 6 insurrection. Daryle comments that he is glad to see violent rioters and other dangerous individuals being put away. There are lots of people in the world who have been locked up without any good reason, however, the insurrectionists actually warrant punishment.

[The #Idavox Report July 27, 2021 with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, Christian Perez, Afrika, and Bennet Zurofsky, Esq.]

Rally Crashers

Daryle, along with several other ANTIFA members, recently attended a failed Proud Boys rally in New York where a man tried to shove his way past him. Daryle recalls the event, employing the phrases “skinny boy” and 350 pounds of fuck you.” The man continued to argue until the police came and removed him from the situation. Several videos of incidents from the event are played on stream.

Arrests are being made within the leadership of many right-wing movements, such as QAnon and the Proud Boys. Their members are scrambling to maintain a sense of security. 

Some people denied that the Proud Boys were present at the event at all, despite the fact that the Proud Boys literally organized the rally and there are Proud Boys on film at the rally. There is yet another similar event tentatively scheduled to take place in Foley Park in August.

Hate Needs Consequences

The American Rennaissance Conference plans to meet in Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee on November 12 and 14. Daryle implores as many people as can make it to go try to shut it down. If you cannot make it, there are other ways you can help. The leaders of AmRen have invited several prominent fascist world figures to speak at the event. Meanwhile, The One People’s Project has been distributing information on how to contact elected officials and demand they deny entry into the United States by these fascists.

As Brian notes, not much has changed since our breaking news show on January 6th, 2021 that we did live during the insurrection. The Democratic party has not been doing its due diligence in holding members of the opposing Republican party accountable. If nothing changes in the long run, then this was only ever a circus.

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-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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