Watch the livestream from the protest and interviews with the community:

See The Interview With The Event Organizer

Bec saw something and she knew had to be addressed, and this first time protester has got a grassroots base together pretty quickly. About 20 protestors and media gathered outside Dingbatz in Clifton in the rain to send a message that they will not tolerate Nazi speech.

The owners did engage with the protesters, offering business cards and telling them that anyone could call them if they need to alert them to a problem act that is booked at the club. The protesters response can be explained by watching our live stream interviews with them. 

Heavy metal, like so many other cultures has a racism problem. At many shows you see skinhead crews and 88 tattoos. While most metalheads either encourage or ignore the obvious racist ties to our music, Bec is speaking out against this hate speech, and she is asking the metal community to speak out with her. This is just the start, we will be following these activists as they try to fight for a change in the art they love.

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