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At the Emanuel Lutheran Church in New Brunswick our comrade Madelyn Hoffman organized an event American taxpayers should hear.  The corporate media pushes only the American narrative about “freedom” when speaking about foreign policy. New Jersey Revolution Radio bring you the indigenous struggles of South American politics and revolution. 

From Columbia, Brazil and Bolivia to New Jersey this program gives us an education on the truth about what is going on south of the equator from our imperial empire. We are proud to put this put with translations from English to Spanish so that this can be shared with more audiences across the globe. 

The guests from South America give a presentation and take questions citing the program.  We explore the rise of right wing government in Brazil that is supporting genocidal environmental policy.

On Bolivia:
Dr. Reynaldo Tapia, Bolivian indigenous On Brazil:
Teodoro Saroti, Movimiento de los Trabajadores Rurales del Brazil On Colombia:
Armando Valbuena Wouriyu, Secretary of the Colombian National Organization of Indigenous (ONIC) and German Valencia (ONIC): Assassinations of Indigenous in Colombia

Orlando Osman Mendez, Corporacion para el fortalecimiento campesino kaktaima; movimiento nacional ambiental: Imperialism and the Environment of Colombia

On Honduras:
Lucy Pagoada Quezada, Partido Libre de Honduras On Venezuela:
Margaret Flowers, Venezuelan Embassy Protectors — The Effect of Killer Sanctions on Venezuela and Around the World

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