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The crisis in Venezuela is escalating fast. President Donald Trump was giving speeches to crowds threatening Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Now, this Saturday a man who swore himself in as President is promising to bring in unwanted and unneeded aide over the border.

Our panelists for this update are Chuck Kaufman from Alliance for Global Justice, Brian Powers from New Jersey Revolution Radio, and Christian Perez from Modernity and Absurdity

The next few days and weeks are critical. If we are going to succeed, now is not the time for politicians to ignore peace activists. We must demand to be noticed!

Supporters of #HandsOffVenezuela confront Senator Bob Menendez.

Hands Off Venezuela!!! With my comrade Madelyn Hoffman today we confronted this long time attack dog of US imperialism, from Cuba to Palestine, who along with gusano comrade little Marco down in Miami—-Jersey is Miami north for the gusanos—-and Bolton, Abrams and the rest of the Trump gang are now focused on unleashing aggression on the Venezuelan people…our message was clear, Menendez and company , keep your dirty hands off Venezuela ! Venezuela no esta sola! L@s obreros internacionales unid@s jamas serán vencid@s! La luchas obreras no tienen fronteras!

Posted by Jay Arena on Saturday, February 2, 2019
#HandsOffVenezuela Activists Jay Arena and NJRR Contributor Madelyn Hoffman try to confront the Senator who is siding with war criminal Eliot Abrams.

#HandsOffVenezuela Activists Jay Arena and Madelyn Hoffman confront Senator Bob Menendez about his support for war criminal Eliot Abrams. At this point politicians are not stepping up to stop the bloodshed enough. New Jersey Neo-Liberals are in lock step with the war machine.

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