We Are Ready To Revolutionize 2020

To all our comrades.

New Jersey Revolution Radio Productions

We have already gone full steam ahead into the new year at New Jersey Revolution Radio. ​That means we are ready to leak a few plans. But before we get into all the great work we can do, we want to remind you that your help matters.

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​2019 A Year Of Growth for #NJRR

New Jersey Revolution Radio created and distributed thousands of pieces of content across a network that continues to expand reach among the activist community and beyond. We understand just how much the corporate media will use media circuses and consumerism to keep focus off the grassroots activism.  New Jersey Revolution Radio is about workers struggles. We fight hate as much as we can in towns like Egg Harbor​ and organized counter protests with One People’s Project in Pitman.​​ We covered the lead up to drivers licenses for all with Cosecha.

#NJRR is Ready for 2020

2020 is not going to be a time where we can afford to keep quiet. There are chances to have real advances against mass incarceration, ending the war on drugs, cannabis legalization, expanding immigrant rights and so much more. 2020 will require struggle. Dare to do it with us.

We are started already. Expect more podcasts, media, and grassroots activist support. Our services to you can include website design, event planning, and a host of media support services from #NJRR.

Stay in touch with this revolution!

Let us know how we can send you a monthly email to keep you up to speed with this growing revolution. Our comrades can also get notifications when there is actionable events in their area. #NJRR does not share its list with anyone. This one is for the cause. Period. Solidarity!

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