Women Weed and Wellness at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center

#NJRR along with our sponsors CannaCare Docs, vendors, and activists hosted our first “WWW” last Sunday. Changing weed laws were on the agenda, but centering women in the discussion brought in inter-sectional issues.

Roxanne Sutockey from the Cherry Hill Women’s Center

greets us first to talk about abortion access, and the many roles being taken on to protect women’s rights, today her operations include more than just medical services. Protesters outside every day require the center to maintain a volunteer base to protect and support patients.

Join our next Women, Weed, and Wellness Event in Nutley.

Dana Belka from CannaCareDocs


our main sponsor’s Regional Marketing Director. She has been using cannabis for medicine since 1993. Her company has “Seen miracles” and has helped connect doctors and patients in 14 States. As well as connecting doctors and patients, she works to bring women out in the open about using medical marijuana and removing the stigmas.

Suzan Nickleson

brings her unique family relationship to ganja. She was born to a Jamaican mother that found weed laws to be a big joke. She tells us about how the herb was a part of daily life in her mothers home. Her company Ital Gardens has submitted an application to run a New Jersey dispensary in Camden. They hope to bring a sense of social justice to the industry.

Debi Madio

is co owner of “NJ Weedman’s Joint”. She talks openly about how the police destroyed her business after the community initially embraced the business. Since this taping Debi and her Partner Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion have been featured in the high times short documentary “Weedman


Dr. Ekaterina Sedia

runs the Stockton University Cannabis Minor. She brings a wide array of diverse perspectives that show the true inter-sectional issue. Dr. Sedia talks about prison industrial interests, housing, ecology, and of course feminism.

Weed laws are going to keep changing. This event was so succsessful that we have already begun to plan a “Women Weed and Wellness North Jersey”


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