| Recorded 12/28/2019 From the Great Nation of The Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey (DPRNJ)

Generally activists are busy dealing and organizing around the bullshit. But every once and a while it feels good to vent about the nonsense around electoral politics in NJ. So back after hiatus, Pat Noble and Brian Powers reunite in #NJRR North (Or Central, I’m just a writer, please don’t fire me guys) Studios to ask WTF On 2 big issues! Larry Hamm running for Senate and Norcross losing his grip  Read More below…

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Larry V Cory

Before our liberal “Champion” has said anything we discuss the recent candidacy of long time activist Larry Hamm, founder and chairman of POP (People’s Organization for Progress). Criticism from activists who shun electoral politics and the Dem party is expected. Brian, credits POP with helping him learn activism but says he just cant endorse someone running as a Dem. The FB feed was a little worse, and knocked Larry’s “Reformist”. This is Just a Preview of 2020, its interesting already. More after you scroll down a little bit…. 

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Never Give Up
How Not To Be A Toxic Ally

Corruption, Arrests, and Norcross

More of the same or is the tide turning against our state’s resident Oligarch? Pat references that President Trump was jealous of the Power George Norcross wields. That power generally came from his ability to wield this immense power from behind the scenes.

As the investigation into his affairs gets deeper is his  power shrinking in the spotlight? Are the liberal groups like Working Families who are trying to position themselves as an alternative any better? Well they ask these question we hope you ask more like,  What the Fuck?

Till next time…..Happy New Year!

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