#WTF With Pat and Brian “Surprise Snow Disaster” With Special Guest L@rk Lo


Is this the first time we saw snow New Jersey?

It snows in New Jersey, ALL THE DAMN TIME! so #WTF went on this Thursday with snow removal? L@rk brings her infrastructure expertise to the show, with valid critiques about cul-de-sacs and broken bridges causing access problems.

It will turn to rain.

Will it? It seems anyone with a window could tell that the snow was not stopping. Does Governor Murphy need a better view? Did all our Mayors just sit back while disaster unfolded? What took so long to get people out of work and home safe? Well, money gotta be made I guess. Capitalism at work.

Watch the video on YoutTube:

What is the New Jersey League of Municipalities’ Annual ConferenceĀ in Atlantic City?

We know it is important, and that the state’s political elite and business interests gather for what could only be the public good. Of course the political elite don’t always agree, or even like each other for that matter. Pat and Brian highlight the tension and review an NJ.com article about the conferences political dynamics.