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Brian Powers speaking to a crowd of activists.

Brian Powers

Founder & Senior Organizer


Starting as a shop steward with IBEW Local 827, Brian spent his off time organizing with Comcast workers. Later he got involved with political organizing raising money for the union’s COPE fund. Brian helped plan actions during strikes, and represented workers in contractual disputes. He graduated from several Rutgers Labor Union study programs including the Rutgers Union Leadership Academy in 2011 and the Public- Sector Labor Relations Course in 2016. Brian co-founded 15 Now New Jersey and united a coalition of anti-capitalist organizations through a combination of grassroots and new- technologies methods. As member of the Green Party of New Jersey Executive Council he helped form centralized databases for party operations and oversaw the formation of several new county chapters. In his 18 month term GPNJ grew by over 4,000 registered voters, began training programs for candidates, and fostered an anti-capitalist movement that aligns with the Party’s Eco-Socialist plank. Brian currently works as a staff representative at CWA Local 1033 representing New Jersey State Workers. He currently resides in Woodbridge NJ, with his wife Nicole and 5 sons.  Click Here to contact Brian.

Pat Noble from New Jersey Revolution Radio

Pat Noble

WTF Is Going On In Trenton

Noble serves concurrently as the Socialist Party's National Treasurer and State Secretary of the Socialist Party of New Jersey. As a second-term member of the Red Bank Regional High School Board of Education, he is also the only member of the Socialist Party currently holding elected office. Noble co-founded the Socialist Party's Central New Jersey local in March 2011 and served as its Chair for several years. He also served as Party Secretary for New Jersey from 2011 to 2015 before returning to the position in 2017.*

As a contributor to New Jersey Revolution Radio Pat joins Brian Powers to talk about the statewide political landscape, and a view of the left in this country. The idea that we could expand New Jersey as a socialist country started out as a running joke, is becoming a reality? Join Pat an Brian to find out.

*Source Wikipedia


L@rk Lo with New Jersey Revolution Radio

L@rk Lo

Black Kids In Outer Space, Red Wine With L@rk

L@rk is an anti-capitalist and internationalist living in the eclectic, artistic, and radical traditions of Lucy Parsons, Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, and Voltairine de Cleyre. Red Wine talks to radicals, revolutionaries, and disruptors in New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Berlin, and anywhere else that people are disrupting the status quo.

From radical stock her grandfather was one of the first Black union stewarts, her great-grandfather was a socialist, although her mother is wild for Bernie Sanders, but that’s as mainstream as it gets. She has worked in writing and journalism for over 10 years.

Some of the venues she has presented at are Left Forum NY, Occidental College, Anarchist Book Fair LA, MOCA, Montclair State, LACMA, Ruskin Art Club, and UCLA.
Her collection of satirical poetry on capitalism, Queen of Inglewood, was released on Word
Palace Press in 2017.

She has interviewed over 50 disruptors from the from around the world including the founder of the Just Sustainabilities movement author Dr. Julian Agyeman of the UK, Swedish director of Bike vs Cars Fredrik Gertten, and Los Angeles’ Damien Goodmon executive director of Housing is a Human Right.

L@rk has contributed articles and essays to LA Weekly, Next City, Streetsblog, TruthDig, LA City Beat, CounterPunch, Daily Breeze, Daily News, Times, USA Today, The Anarres Project for Alternative Futures, and Ebony among many leftist publications.She has a BA in philosophy and media from Mount St. Mary’s University and a MA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College.

email her to see about speaking availability!

Picture of Christan Perez from New Jersey Revolution Radio

Christan Perez

Modernity And Absurdity

Christian Perez brings commentary and interviews on a range of issues including current events, world news, history, politics, culture with a whole lot of sarcasm. Christian Perez is an educator, podcaster, social/political communicator and curmudgeon. He like to smash walls of ignorance and he doesn't like the bad guys.

Christian received his bachelor's degree in Political Science and a minor in Latin American Studies from New Jersey's Kean University in 2006.  In 2009, he received a master's degree in International Relations and Comparative Politics from Kean University's Nathan Weiss Graduate College. He is currently and adjunct professor of political science. He’s been an anti-capitalist his entire adult life and has been a DSA member since 2006.Check out Christan's work on Soundcloud.

Diane Moxley From New Jersey Revolution Radio

Diane Moxley

Activist Corespondent, Green Party

Diane Moxley is an activist and an attorney. She was driven to go to law school with the sole purpose of standing up for those who are underserved and abused by the system. As an attorney she has practiced in eviction defense, disability law, represented parents in child welfare litigation, and represented victims of domestic violence in all areas of the family court system. Whether it is in the courts or the streets, Diane’s motivation is to fight injustice wherever it arises.

After being a registered Democrat for many years, five years ago Diane’s disillusionment with the party led her to join the Green Party. She is a proud, unabashed eco-socialist who embraces the Green Party platform of people, planet, and peace over profit.

Her love of activism led to her interest in live-streaming. Her experience as an activist has given her an insightful perspective and ability to capture the moment. As a live-streamer Diane is often behind the camera, but her own story often puts her front and center on the battle lines. She is in the lead on many issues, taking a strong stance on money out of politics, pipelines, fossil fuels, health care, immigration, economic injustice, racism, imperialism, the military industrial complex, mass incarceration, and more.

Her highlights in activism are: a heated exchange with Mitt Romney during Occupy the New Hampshire Primaries 2012; organizing for No NATO Chicago 2012; Occupy the Justice Department 2012; Flood Wall Street 2014; grilling Senator Cory Booker in a face to face meeting about donations he’d taken from pharmaceutical companies while he had just voted down a bill that would have allowed the import of affordable pharmaceuticals from Canada. In November of 2016, she and her daughter went to Standing Rock to stand in solidarity with the water protectors. She witnessed horrific police brutality against the water protectors, which included watching her daughter be violently thrown to the ground and arrested. Most recently, she spent two weeks in Palestine to see first-hand the oppression of the Palestinian people and the problems caused by the illegal settlements. She is concerned and active in spreading awareness about the unlawful detentions of Palestinian minors, and the abuse and torture used in interrogations conducted against youth as young as 12 years old. Such experiences have only strengthened her commitment to real resistance.

Heather With A Megaphone

Heather Warburton

Senior Organizer & Art Director


Heather Warburton is an artist and activist from South Jersey. The primary focuses of her activism are environmental activism and income inequality. She leads Runaway Inequality workshops for NJWEC and serves on her county environmental commission. She is an associate artist at Riverfront Renaissance Art Center in Millville NJ, where she shows her work regularly. As a recent Rutgers Environmental Steward graduate, she completed a series of 17 photographs along the proposed route of the South Jersey Gas Pipeline in a campaign to oppose its construction. She is also active in the fight against water privatization, and the destructive influences of capitalism. Click Here to get to know Heather more.

Jim Brash is the Chair of GPNJ Black Caucus, A contributor to the Northstar Network, and Union Member

Jim Brash

Regular Contributor & Editorial Board 


Jim Brash appears on #NJRR regularly to comment on a wide variety of subjects that effect New Jersey's working class. As a resident of Northwest New Jersey this activist has brought insight on transit issues is the Chair of GPNJ Black Caucus, A contributor to the Northstar Network, and Union Member. You can find Jim's work by clicking here!

Melissa Tomlinson speaks at 15 Now event in Passaic New Jersey

Melissa Tomlinson

Regular Contributor & Editorial Board

Melissa Tomlinson, a special education teacher in South Jersey, first started her activism work as a public education advocate when she joined Badass Teachers Association (BATs) soon after its inception in 2014. Education equity and the fight for access to resources for all students has become her passion. Currently volunteering as the Associate Executive Director of BATs she has also expanded her own work as a union member of the New Jersey Education Association and the National Education Association, as well as a social justice advocate.

Recognizing the need to break down the isolationist silos of advocating for all community members, Melissa became involved in 15 NOW NJ to push for livable wages. In 2017 she ran for Atlantic County Freeholder as a candidate of New Jersey’s Green Party. Currently Melissa is a board member of South Jersey Women for Progressive Change, a facilitating member of the South Jersey Social Justice Coalition, a trainer and presenter for Runaway Inequality, a steering committee member of the United Caucuses of Rank and File Educators, and a founding member of the Socialist Educators Alliance.  Additionally, Melissa sits on the Education Committee of the League of Women Voters NJ and the Atlantic County Youth Services Commission.

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