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Wine Women and Revolution

Wine Women and Revolution

Every other Monday we post a new episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution. Host Heather covers authors, activists, and artists across the state and around the world.

#NJRR Live with Diane and Brian

#NJRR Live with Diane and Brian

Every week Diane and Brian discuss activism around the state and beyond. We bring activist work to you on a live stream taping every week on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The podcast version is released on Itunes, Spotify and all other major platforms.

From NJRR Productions

The Journey To Me explores the life of Blake Spencer, a Presbyterian pastor who realized in his 40s his life was a façade. This married father of 2 finally recognized he was not living his authentic sexuality and began crafting a new life to honor his true self.

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Freeholder Board Considers 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution. Measure Rooted In Antisemitism

Just last week, I attended a presentation by the NJ Attorney General about the rising levels of bias crimes and antisemitism in NJ. This comes in the wake of NJ Officials raising our threat level to high from white supremacist and extremist groups following the shooting in Jersey City. NJ isn’t unique in this respect. In 2018, A Pittsburgh man murdered 11 people in a synagogue because he believed George Soros was controlling a migrant caravan in a scheme to destabilize society and slaughter “patriots” like him.

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Local Residents gather in Little Egg Harbor in Support of LGBTQ Curriculum and Students

Little Egg Harbor, NJ – Community members gathered outside of the Board of Education meeting at Pinelands Regional Junior High School on February 19th at 4:30 pm to ‘Show the Love’ for LGBTQ+ students and the new curriculum.

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NJRR Is Producing a Video Documentary. Watch “A Journey To Me” Trailer

With “The Journey to Me” NJRR Productions looks to make a documentary film consisting of a mixture of archival photos, interviews, verité, and re-enactments.

Through the telling of Blake’s story the we explore universal themes of sexuality, religion, love, and self-acceptance. The Fundamental question asked throughout the entirety of the film is the universal question.

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January on #NJRR a month of revolutionary media

January on New Jersey Revolution Radio

Expect us to do more every chance we get. If you want to keep up with our events make sure you follow our events page on Facebook.

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Nothing To See Here

“Your disability is too much of a burden for our company. We’re sorry, but we have to let you go.”

My disability. As I sat back against my headboard, I rolled the thought through my mind.

My disability.

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Block text "Weed Women and Wellness presented by New Jersey Revolution Radio and sponsored by CannaCare Docs

Women, Weed, and Wellness : A panel discusses weed laws and how it affects them.

#NJRR along with our sponsors CannaCare Docs, vendors, and activists hosted out first “WWW” last Sunday. Changing weed laws were on the agenda…

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