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Contributions made to NJRR are not tax deductible. there is no limit on contribution amount. Donations received support our grassroots media organizers and production staff. We can also accept donations of Audio and Video Equipment or other material supplies.  If you have any questions about supporting #NJRR message us. Or you can email please put “donation” in comments. To stay a truly independent media source means we need your support to build power against the establishment, not with it. 

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We won’t be influenced by capitalist interests. That means small donations from New Jersey’s working class. It also means we do as much as we can without charges to help local organizers.  Our reporting, interviews, and behind the scenes organizing must be supported by a grassroots network of people who know how important independent media is. Please chip in today

Your Help Goes To Grassroots Organizing

We give no money to politicians or campaigns. These things are tools of the 1% and we have no interest in participating in a corrupt establishment. Where we are welcome into a community of interest we provide material support and media presence.

  • Livestreaming Events For Publicity and Security
  • Podcast featuring activist work
  • Video Productions
  • Community Forums
  • Consultations and networking for anti-capitalist and anti-racist organizations.