Egg Harbor Township School’s Transgender Policy

This is a battle we have been involved in here before there was a New Jersey Revolution Radio. Egg Harbor Township Schools have been dragging their feet on creating a transgender protection policy for years. Now the state has found them non-complaint with the law signed by then Governor Chris Christie and the school is faced with the possibility of losing over 3 millions dollars in funding if they don’t comply.

Even faced with financial threat the board is dragging this process out. A local church is rallying opposition to protecting transgender kids, and strangely the board has been taking meetings with this church. Its worth noting this is a public school and select individual’s religious biases should have no place when it comes to protecting all students.

We were present at the school board meeting on Tuesday October 29th, when many community members embarrassed themselves and the rest of the township with a hateful display of bigotry and ignorance. Thankfully a few brave community members stood up for the rights of transgender children, and the board passed the policy’s first reading.

A final vote will be held at the end of November and we will be there again and are asking the community members and anyone across the state who values diversity to show up and let this board know you stand with these children. Join us Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at Alder Avenue Middle School Board Room

Edited video is linked below. Any discussion unrelated to this policy as well as the public comments of those under 18 have been removed. We warn you there is a stunning display of hate and bigotry in this video so if you are sensitive to gender violence please refrain from viewing.

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