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Today on Wine, Women, and Revolution (The Socialist Podcast) Heather is joined in the studio by not one but two amazing activists, Lena Smith and Jocelyn Sawyer from Food and Water Watch NJ. Food and Water Watch is a grassroots organization fighting for clean food and water for all. F.W.W. supports social justice, clean energy, and an end to hydraulic fracking. They discuss local initiatives going on here in NJ as well as around the country. They talk about people can get involved, as well as some recent success they had.

Food and Water Watch led a successful coalition to defeat the privatization of water in Atlantic City. The people of Atlantic City have had their voices taken from them. Greedy capitalists have their eyes on the highly successful water utility. The community joined together to fight for environmental justice, and they won. The city still controls their water. Now we have to take the fight to other cities. Flint Michigan showed what happens when water is taken over by profit hungry corporations.

Lena does an amazing job explaining why we need strong environmental legislation. Weak laws like Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade just don’t cut it. We have a short time to get off fossil fuels or risk catastrophic climate change. The time to try capitalist solutions was 30 years ago. We need decisive action. Local communities are joining the Off Fossil Fuels campaign. To find out how to get involved, reach out to us here at NJRR.

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