Investigation Pending Into The Death of Mays Landing Man in Police Custody

During the afternoon of Monday September 16th a chilling Facebook post began circulating in the Atlantic County Community. It told the horrifying tale of Mario Terruso, a Mays Landing man who died in police custody early Monday morning.

The post was dictated by a fellow detainee, Mr Alan Wright, to his wife over the phone and described the last few moments of Mr Terruso’s life. That post, quoted below, has received over 500 comments.

Last night someone died in admissions. He was begging me for water saying he swallowed something he then began dry heaving uncontrollably. Nursing staff told me I couldn’t give him water and said he was faking. They stood outside his cell laughing and asked me if he acted like that on the street, I told them no he is usually normal. He began throwing up blood and his clothes were dripping sweat. He still receive no medical attention for over an hour. Nursing stated he was being combative and was fine. The officers tried to calm him down but he refused to comply begging to go to the hospital. Officers were ordered to tie him up. Over five officers were on scene trying to tie his hands and feet together. One of the last things that my friend Mario experienced was being punched in the face repeatedly. All he wanted was medical help. Atlantic County Justice Facility really dropped the ball on this one. Nobody deserves to die like that.”

Mr. Terruso died at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, Mainland Campus in the early morning hours.

A spokesperson from the State Attorney General’s office said they were investigating the death but couldn’t share specific details.

Family members have not yet responded to requests for comment or offers for organizing assistance. Mr. Wright told our reporter that Mario’s mother wants the story to be told.

Some like Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson have already declared their support for the warden and prison. New Jersey Revolution Radio stands with the family and friends of Mr. Terruso as they search for details and justice in this case.

The funeral for Mr Terruso is scheduled for Saturday the 21st at Boakes Funeral Home, 6050 Main St., Mays Landing, where a service will be held at 8 PM. A viewing for friends and family will precede the service. Mr Terruso is survived by his parents, 4 children, and 2 siblings. We wish them peace and comfort through their time of grief.