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The Editorial Board will meet online monthly to hear from our supporters about the network and communicate with staff as well as hearing from special guests and #NJRR on air talent! Members will have the opportunity to suggest topics of conversation for #NJRR Live, pitch ideas for special guests and music, and tell us whatever else they might like. 

Members of our board will have a chance to network nationally and be on panel discussions related to their expertise. There are no requirements to attend meetings or to add work to your schedule, this board advises staff. The benefits for activists and organizations come from new sources of opportunity and information, discounts, and more earned media! 

Organizations like student groups, social justice organizations, labor activists can find more comrades and connections. Artists will have the opportunity to meet clients and promote their work! 

Sign Up Today, our first board meeting will be in January! 

To join the Editorial Board, a $25 recurring contribution is made before each monthly meeting. For professionals, this monthly fee may be written off on your taxes as an “association fee*.” Organizations may rotate members and sponsorship packages include extra advertising and mentions during programs. If you cannot make this monthly contribution but still wish to participate, please contact us at There is no reason to turn this down! Support independent media while developing new strategies in your own work. 

2021 is bringing better things for the world, and Revolution Radio plans on being a part of it, This is your chance to help shape our growing network! We will be excited to see you at the first meeting in 2021.

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