Recorded January 11, 2019 in Hammonton

Political boss George Norcross runs too much. And too few speak out about how his iron grip on New Jersey politicians affects real communities. New Jersey Revolution Radio hosts a panel of South Jersey Residents who want a change from rule under an oligarch.

We are excited to bring you a panel with Melissa Tomlinson from the Badass Teachers Association, Lael Bratton from DSA and Vida Niel a Camden community activist. Each of these activists are hard at work trying to expose these truths. Because of their work other cities, like Atlantic City have been warned about what may come.

Vida Neil is “Camden’s Only Political Blogger” and a strong critic of not just Norcross but of the establishment and the Democratic Party. She calls for independent parties to take over. As a result of the years of Democratic party establishment rule, Camden and other cities are still being left behind or Gentrified. Vida pulls no punches, and gives zero fucks. Her honesty and her willingness to speak truth to power made this live show!

5 comments on “#NJRR Live: George Norcross, A Love Story

  1. Ken says:

    Ivanka Trump from the Trump Organizarion donates over $10,000 to Democratic Congressman Donald Norcross
    This is very questionable

  2. George Norcross is an Evil Anti Christ. He’s greedy, Sinister and disgracefully Wicked. He uses media to destroy people. He’s got his hands in Gannett Media that controls the Cherry Hill Courier Post and their editors like Jim Walsh. His bully buddy Sweeney has control of and bother control these digital news media sites to manufacture negative news that Ian orchestrated and manufactured by them. They have Patch Media and troll farms linked to Facebook and google analytica. Mueller needs to investigate the $100 million Zuckerberg gave to Christie in NJ and claimed it went to schools. That was a lie. It went to hacking people’s information. Norcross is in business with Michael Chertoff, former head of the NTSB. They are a cyber security company named Delta Risk LLC. Norcross has been blaming the Russians when in fact it is Norcross and his cronies who have hacked the democratic emails. He is devious and deceiving. He plays BOTH sides and Is a member of Mar a largo. He sets people up and gets information the. Twist it and feeds it to his Media to hurt people he seeks to punish and praise those he has selected for office like his corrupt congressional brother Donald Norcross who is just as deceptive and evil as his brother.

    The Feds and state need to lock them up and dismantle his entire operation.

    They must investigate federal judge Jerome Simandle; Chris Christie; Lou Cappelli; Mayor David Mayer; Loretta Winters; Lexie Norcross; Michael Chertoff; Gannett; Jim Walsh; Courier Post; Tom Davis of Patch; Owens of; Yonathan Randolph; George and Donald Norcross; Stephen Sweeney; ALL townships in South Jersey; cayman island off shore accounts; school board money controlled by council and school boards that Norcross controls and the board of elections in south jersey council members, mayors in SJ senators and assemblymen controlled by Norcross. All The wasted money in these south jersey towns and Camden Everything

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