Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation

A recent trip for the members of the US Peace Council’s delegation to Venezuela ended in chaos. The situation was manufactured  by the United States propaganda machine. US officials were citing “safety concerns”, but these travelers saw no threat other than an oncoming imperial war. Our guests Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, and Joe Lombardo join Diane Moxley for this important report after their trip.

The people of military of Venezuela and the people are preparing for the worst. For years the citizens of Venezuela have been educated on the tactics of our imperial war machine and they see exactly what is going on politically. Our delegation met with a welcoming people who understood very well what is going on.

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Still Trying A Failed Coup?

The United States and its allies look increasingly foolish for trying to sell this new war. Now that the flimsy excuses and the farce of a self sworn in President has failed to ignite a coup, we wonder, what is next? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, genocidal maniac John Bolton, and war criminal Eliot Abrams are still churning out threats.

March 30 Protest In DC

Get on the bus! The US Peace Council will be marching in Washington DC for peace! Click here for details on how you can join and support this march for Peace.

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