Joy and Healing with Quinton Greene

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Joy and Healing with Quinton Greene

Joy and Healing with Quinton Greene

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather sits down for a follow up interview with the artist Quinton Green. He has continued to earn his title of Mr. Prolific with a flurry of new artwork involving birds and animals. His work is featured in a variety of new venues and he sits down to talk about all of it.

Heather Warburton 0:02
This is Wine, Women, and Revolution with your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on New Jersey Revolution Radio

Hi and welcome to Wine Women and Revolution. I’m your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on New Jersey revolution radio. You can find us online at Follow us on all the social medias and get us wherever you get your podcasts from. Today I have a returning artist back to the show. You may remember Quintin from a few months ago, but Quinton’s been very busy since last time

Quinton Green 0:37

Heather Warburton 0:39
I think one of the first things that’s really exciting is you are have been accepted into gallery in New York now, right?

Quinton Green 0:44
Right! Right now. Um, it was, to my surprise, I went up to Bradley beach, and I was up there doing a exhibit with other artists. And this young lady came to me and she was like, Look, we doing things up in Flatbush and Brooklyn, and I surely will love to incorporate you into what they doing up there. And at a Jewish center there so I contacted her, and I couldn’t get up in July because my schedule is so busy. So I’m going to plan for the fall event to try to get up to Brooklyn so but that door is open now.

Heather Warburton 1:24
But you’ll send me that information when that show goes up so some of our more North Jersey listeners can possibly get up there and check out some

Quinton Green 1:31
Sure I’d be glad to do that. Yes.

Heather Warburton 1:34
Its exciting you had a lot of places that have accepted you.

Quinton Green 1:37
Absolutely the West End gallery in Long Branch New Jersey has opened up its doors for me and just a variety of things have been happening for me as far as the art is concerned, you know,

Heather Warburton 1:55
And you branched out to some different directions in your art now it looks like. Well you did a lot of faces before now it looks like you’re experimenting with animals and amphibians, is that a frog?

Quinton Green 2:07
Yeah, I guess is my my salute to spring and summer and it was just a thought and ideal I saw the the animals in a store so I just purchased them, and then I just thought what maybe what can I do with them? And so these these whole idea of designing them on canvas came about it was really really really some something interesting exciting a change for me because I don’t do animals that much,

Heather Warburton 2:40

Quinton Green 2:41

Heather Warburton 2:41
I saw a cat you’ve painted.

Quinton Green 2:42
Oh yeah, my kitty

Heather Warburton 2:47
What inspired the kitty? Because, a little backstory. We’re actually recording this at a coffee house near where I live because turned out that I had a dog. And Quinton was not interested in meeting my dog who is a giant spaz , so I am okay with that. But what sparked you to do the cat?

Quinton Green 3:05
My sister. Yeah, I had did a series of kitty cats. And the Island Shop in Brigintine purchased them from me. So that was a fall forward or after she purchased them I still had a cat mentality in me so I just created that one last piece. Yeah, so there’s some good things that even came out of that because they interested in me going with them down to New Orleans to show my art and maybe sell it with them. So I’m got to contact them and work on that. First time for New Orleans. That would be great.

Heather Warburton 3:55
Would you travel down there?

Quinton Green 3:56
Oh, sure. Why not.

Heather Warburton 4:01
Sounds like a lot of fun.

Quinton Green 4:01
Yeah, so I’m just you know, really grateful about the things that are happening with me right now as far as art and come to think about it a lot of artists they don’t get too much exposure so in any exposure at all is a great thing.

Heather Warburton 4:22
Let’s let’s talk a little bit about your process now with some of the stuff that you’re expanding out from you, got the, you bought the animals and then kind of created the piece around the animals that you got. So like I’m looking at the frog one currently let’s talk about that one. Like you got the frog and then what’s your process after that?

Quinton Green 4:39
Yeah, um, Then I try to to assimilate a thought in my mind or how it would come out on canvas. And the other materials I need to bring that thought to completion. So I pick out a piece and I centered the piece, but also collectively I’m thinking all around the piece. What can I do to make this one piece the best piece that I can make it. And so I started getting a little this and a little that, a little ribbons, a little stones, and glass and you know, and then from there, I started formatting it in my mind and then start developing that thought on canvas. And as you can see is a lot going on

Heather Warburton 5:36
The textures are incredible. And like, I think that’s kind of a new like really playing around with textures and stuff. Yeah. And just your flat paint. You know, your paintings before that. Did anything specifically inspire you or just you know, Mr Prolific is just still going.

Quinton Green 5:54
Just being prolific. Thought. Idea. What inspires me is the animal itself, you know. I was like, wow, that would be interesting and what could I do with this when I saw it, and saw them. And then I brought them into and started working on that.

Heather Warburton 6:16
Are you still in working on animals and stuff now or have you moved on to something else now?

Quinton Green 6:22
I moved onto something else. Flamingos

Heather Warburton 6:23
Oh, yeah.

Quinton Green 6:29
Let me show you here. Let’s back up a little bit. Okay. And,yeah. Yeah, I did this palm tree. What you think of that?

Heather Warburton 6:45
That’s very cool. Also the textures on that one.

Quinton Green 6:49
And so I say, Well, let me do a flamingo to go along with it.

Heather Warburton 6:54
They make a nice series together.

Quinton Green 6:56
Yeah, you could put it. And this on wood board by the way. So it could be framed? Or what I’m gonna do is fix the back of it, and wire it so that it could be hung

Heather Warburton 7:10
So, I know. We talked a little before in the last interview about what kind of experience you want people to have with your art. What you want to inspire in them and make them feel. So with the new animal things has that changed?

Quinton Green 7:24
Oh, no, it has not my my idea is to put a little joy somebody’s heart. You know, people love animals.

Heather Warburton 7:33
They do

Quinton Green 7:34
You love animals

Heather Warburton 7:35
I do. My dog, a couple cats.

Quinton Green 7:38
Yeah, well see, you know, when dealing with the colorful perception of what I do, it brings out a statement of joy. A statement a peace, I think. A delight in someone’s soul. And that’s why I do that, the animals. People kind of dig animals. A variation frog, I did the hummingbird. Somebody actually came by my house and was like, Can I see that? Because I couldn’t really see it. So they came by the house to look at that.

Heather Warburton 8:15
Oh, thats cool

Quinton Green 8:15
So they stood there for about five minutes looking at it. And then they went on their way. But I guess it brought them some peace

Heather Warburton 8:22
Yeah, I think in a way, it is a fairly good extension of, you know, you’ve played around the themes of like healing, both healing yourself and healing others before. And you know, animals are can be very therapeutic. So yeah, I think in a way, it does still kind of fit in with that same healing motif you played around with.

Quinton Green 8:40
Yes, right. And thats the main thing about art, being a veteran who suffer from PTSD, the art is… When I went into art, and started building a relationship with the canvas, with brushes, with paint, with design. It brought about extra force of healing within me. And maybe channeled some of that negative energy and pull it in a lot of the positive now, I’m at a different level of inner expression and inner healing than I was when I first began. So I’m feeling really good about what things are going and what’s what’s going on within me. And I just want to share that with the world. You know, share that with others, them to help them you know, feel a little bit of what’s inside of me.

Heather Warburton 9:41
And I think that you know, passion, you know, joy that you’re putting in there is what other people pick up on when they look at your work. You know, like I said, I I often go kind of dark in my work. You know, because I’m playing with like working through themes of like, society and issues going on in the world today.

Quinton Green 10:03
Oh, you are very political

Linda Cashan 10:07
(Laughing) No she is not, she has absolutely no opinions whatsoever.

Heather Warburton 10:14
For those of you who don’t know who chimed in, that was Linda who is the owner of Casianos. We did have we had a live show here and she was nice enough to give us a space to do a live show a few months ago. And she is also awesome for showing art and I’ve shown stuff before. She has a great shop. So if you are in the area stop in.

Quinton Green 10:37
And now I’m one of Miss Linda’s artists.

Heather Warburton 10:42
Before we started recording, we hooked up Linda and Quentin here, and probably over the summer, he’ll be hanging some pieces, some of the animal pieces here. Yes. So that’ll be nice. Yeah.

Quinton Green 10:53
Yeah, that would be a nice thought. And I thank Miss Linda for opening up the door for me. For this, you know,

Heather Warburton 11:01
The revolution always is built in local coffee houses.

Quinton Green 11:06
Good coffee.

Heather Warburton 11:09
Good snacks. Yeah. So what we’re talking about whenever we’re

Quinton Green 11:17
We are having so much fun talking

Heather Warburton 11:20
We were talking a little bit about, you know, going darker versus you know, going, have you ever thought about playing around the darker stuff, or just that’s not

Quinton Green 11:28
That’s not my forte, I think I did one political piece. And I forgot what it was all about. Somebody liked it. And so I just gave it to them. It was on wood. I kind of just went crazy with it. It was real abstract. Something happened in the news that kind of pissed me off. So I just went crazy way do that. So yeah, I worked through it. It really helps me and somebody really liked it. I thought it was horrible. This is not my forte. Every each artists has their own forte, each artist have their own thoughts and feelings about certain things. And I don’t try to get too political with anything. I try to stay on the sunny side of life

Heather Warburton 12:18
It seems to be working out for you. People seem to like that, you know, is a little bit of light and some moderately dark times we are going through.

Oh yeah, there’s the kitty cat. And I’ll have links to some of this stuff. Or he’ll send me some pictures and I’ll put those in the show notes so people can see what we’re talking about. Yeah. You’re working on a, I know I saw another a series It was like was a series or one individual piece of some women at a market.

Quinton Green 12:50
Oh yeah. I did that piece because a young lady at that I go to church with she came to me and say I saw a piece that you did you years ago on your Facebook page. You still got that piece? I said no. But I can create you that piece. If you want that piece. I can redo it. Something similar to that piece.

Heather Warburton 13:14
Same theme.

Quinton Green 13:14
Yeah, same theme. Same thought. So that’s what that that island piece came out. And she just fell in love with it. And so she will be coming to get that this week. I’m trying to find it

Heather Warburton 13:32
Its ok, I saw it on your facebook page

Quinton Green 13:34
All right. Yeah. So that’s what it is. And every now and then I do go to them Island pieces, because it kind of refresh me or remind me of where I started it. Because when when I first started, thats all I was doing was these no face island pieces. And people will kind of get at me because they felt I should put faces on the people that are painted on canvas. And somebody said, Well don’t worry about what they think you know. This is your expression that’s your thought an idea. If you don’t feel like going through the process of putting faces on something you don’t have to. The pieces of beautiful, so I’m just

Heather Warburton 14:20
But then you got fascinated with faces anyway.

Quinton Green 14:23
Yeah, But you notice when I do faces it takes, it incapacitates the whole piece of art. See the face pretty much take up the whole piece of art when I do that.

Heather Warburton 14:41
So what is the fascination with faces?

Quinton Green 14:43
I dont know. The structure and nose. The eyes, the level of intensity in the eyes. Just a face alone is a beautiful piece of work on a human being. It sounds odd but its my oddness.

Heather Warburton 15:04
Everybody has oddness, so thats ok. What’s that piece about? Right now. You’re showing me one. It’s a somebody with a lot of like beading and necklaces around them? What’s that piece all about. Its much darker than you usually go to?

Quinton Green 15:20
Yeah, yeah, well. When I was doing um, I did a series of African queens, what my prediction of what African queens will look like. And this piece right here didn’t start off like that. It was just a painting with really nothing on it. And then something came over me to like start beading it. So I went and bought the glass beads and I started beading it out as you can see. And I kind of look back at it now which is hanging on my art room walls like wow, I was really like intense into channeling something

Heather Warburton 16:07
There is something almost very religious about it almost in a way I’d say like. Not like overtly like a Christian religion or something. There’s something very like spiritual about it

Quinton Green 16:18
Ok. Maybe it was something going on in my head at a time when I did it. But that glass bead thought just came out of the air to do it and it completely worked out. And this is one of my oldest pieces to this is from 2012.

Heather Warburton 16:39
Okay, yes. And you did a series of African queens you said

Quinton Green 16:43
Yeah, I did at one time. I was just doing different shades of color on black faces and just moving it around. And let me see something here. Let me see if I got that picture of Renae’s wall. Renae France Antwan. She’s a local designer. And she and her boutique. She gave me a wall and she asked me, would I fill that wall up with my art? So I just brought the art over and we hung the art. It turned out beautiful.

Heather Warburton 17:28

Quinton Green 17:29
Here’s the wall.

Heather Warburton 17:32
Yeah, that’s awesome.

Quinton Green 17:34
So everybody that walked in there and say, Oh, is that guy from Africa? Jamaican somewhere? She said, No, he’s just a regular American guy.

Heather Warburton 17:45
Have you been to the islands. You do a lot of Island themes?

Quinton Green 17:49
Yeah, on a cruise ship. But not there to stay.

Heather Warburton 17:55
You visited

Quinton Green 17:56
You visit there for the 12 hours or how many hours and then you get back on the ship.

It would be nice to go tothere for a week somewhere. Wouldn’t it

Heather Warburton 18:07
Right! And just you know, like, especially since creating this stuff on location, would bring you a different dimension of not purely out of your mind, but being inspired by some of the real life island culture I can imagine. Right? bring another dimension to your work.

Quinton Green 18:24
Yeah, you right. Absolutely. Think about it. Yeah. So that sold, that sold, that sold, that sold, so I mean, I could go on and on. But as you can see, I was doing silhouettes with the with different colors in that that’s the only face I think I did. And that right there.

That’s actually Renae. She loved it.

Heather Warburton 19:02
I dont want to know what it looked like if you did a portrait of me? No one wants to see that.

Quinton Green 19:10
You never know.

Heather Warburton 19:13
What else is going on with you?

Quinton Green 19:15
Well outside of that, and just working on doing this event I got in July. So they have an another we’re actually having a Caribbean soul. Caribbean soul dance dinner party with Caribbean and soul food mixed. Is all white attire, island dress event and we’re going to have that at the VFW Sommerdale on July the 20th. So I got the information on my Facebook page.

Heather Warburton 19:51
All right, let’s plug your Facebook pages again. You know some people that want to see all this beautiful art we’ve been talking about and get to one of your events. What are your Facebook pages again?

Quinton Green 20:00
One of them is Artwork of Kofi Green. And that’s K O F I Greene. Kofi means Born on Friday. Its a Ghana name that somebody gave me.

Heather Warburton 20:14
Were you born on Friday?

Quinton Green 20:15
Yes, yes. Yes. Born on Friday. And so Artwork of Kofi Greene on Facebook, Art in Motion of Southern New Jersey at Facebook, and Greene L Quentin at Facebook. So I got three pages that I utilize and also the Brigantine Art Walk group page posts are up there also. So yay, the Brigantine Art Walk group.

Heather Warburton 20:47
Keep doing it. You know what, I love the work you’re doing and I think a lot of other people do so yeah, definitely. You know, keep doing it. That’s the important thing.

Quinton Green 20:56
Yeah, yeah. It’s all about fun is all about healing is all about continual healing. You know, people are broken and they constantly need healing. You know? And you might not think about it that way but we all need it.

Heather Warburton 21:16
The world breaks us down every day.

Quinton Green 21:17
Yeah, absolutely

Heather Warburton 21:20
So having something to like, fill you back up a little bit is good.

Quinton Green 21:25
So whatever y’all do out there, do it and enjoy it. You know whether it’s painting or surfing. Whether is just nature walking, whether’s enjoying your pet, your family, whatever you doing, enjoy it and use it as a tool for healing each day and just build on that.

Heather Warburton 21:46
All right, let’s go out on those words are good words to go out on you. Thank you so much for being here, but and I really appreciate it.

Quinton Green 21:52
Thank you for having me and have a good day.

Heather Warburton 21:55
You too

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