The Idavox Report Feb 16, 2021: Keeping An Eye On The Far Right

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Hello and welcome to another Idavox Report on Revolution Radio, here to show you that hate has consequences. We are honored to welcome Daryle Lamont-Jenkins to the show tonight. Daryle is a long-time comrade and activist who has been working for 30 years to weed out and identify white supremacists as the original doxxer. Daryle is also a journalist and an award-winning producer. He created the One People’s Project as a nonprofit to combat white supremacy.

What happened at the Capitol on January 6th was a planned event. The violent mob was allowed to breach security, with cops even helping lift the barricades in some cases. Some of the perpetrators have still yet to be arrested. If the people there that day were people of color, they would have been arrested on the spot. Instead, we still have seditionists openly walking the streets in our country. 

[February 16 Idavox Report With Daryle Lamont Jenkins & Brian Powers]

Who Takes The Fall

It’s been over a month since the attack and the general American population wants to see more people put away for their actions. Some people were even hoping that the Senate Republicans would actually grow some spines and convict the President, but as we see, that did not happen. Mitch McConnell acknowledged that Trump has not gotten away with anything yet. The excuse is that he is no longer in the White House. 

Daryle remains optimistic Donald Trump isn’t going to get away with anything. There may still be more evidence that was not presented during the impeachment trial. The Proud Boys are turning out to be the fall guys for the insurrection on January 6, 2021. In turn, the group is falling apart, partially due to outbreaks of infighting. It came out last week that the leader of the proud Boys was a federal informant. Darle speculates that the Proud Boys will continue to fall apart and some of the dispersed members will join other right-wing groups.

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Glass Half Full

Daryle is a glass half full type of guy. He believes that people have reached the point where they realize that the far right needs their ass kicked, whether it be the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, or QAnon believers. On January 6th, we saw all of their hate come to a head and people don’t want it to happen again.

Biden was one of Daryle’s last choices for President, but now that he’s in office, Daryle acknowledges that we need to try to work with his administration as much as we can. Although Daryle does not trust politicians as far as he can throw them, if a door is open, he’s going through it. Because Biden is in office, there are people who have hope that they didn’t have in Trump’s America. Those are the people that Daryle wants to work with. He wants to show them that they could have been standing up and fighting all along. 

Brian emphasizes how important it is that we keep educating people on the ground in the meantime. For example, it is now up to us to publicly identify additional right wing groups that could be a threat in the future. As the Proud Boys fall apart, where are they going? We’ll be keeping an eye on this because we need to.


The federal government is ultimately a calculated scheme. They tactically govern precisely enough to keep society stable so we don’t revolt but they do not want to improve things for us, so they don’t. Real change is up to us. That is part of the reason that what Idavox and Revolution Radio do is so important. Our independent journalism is a form of activism as we work to benefit grassroots communities by disseminating accurate information. 


Daryle reminds us that part of the reason Idavox began getting traffic long ago is because they pushed the stories that no one else was willing to. Idavox is actually named after investigative journalist Ida B. Wells, who Daryle has a photo of on his wall. Wells was willing to write about lynchings when no one else would. Daryle is looking for writers for Idavox and encourages any interested individuals to reach out to (an email address that he has had for 20 years — Daryle: Antifa before it was cool.)

Independent media is how we hold the rich and powerful to a standard of decency. Brian challenges the audience to name one system in our society besides independent media that truly holds the rich accountable. It is absolutely necessary that we on the grassroots left maintain our own platforms, especially in the face of growing online communities such as Parlr. 

Daryle warns before we end the show that sometime in mid-April in Phoenix, Arizona, there is to be an upcoming conference followed by a rally held by the NSM (National Socialist Movement.) The NSM is a neo-Nazi group that specializes in theatrical and provocative protest.  


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Stay Connected

Daryle is a member of the Antifascist Unity Coalition. AFUC is involved with several mutual aid projects and food banks. If you are interested in the organization or getting connected with mutual aid, contact Daryle or visit They host food drives on the first Saturday of every month.

Idavox is the newsline for One People’s Project and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or their website. One People’s Project can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Daryle himself is on Facebook and Twitter. The One People’s Project also accepts donations through Daryle’s Cash App account, $NotoriousDLJ. 

Until next time, everyone, stay safe and stay informed.

-Leah Giannantonio, for Revolution Radio

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