Local Mother Fights White Supremacy At Ventnor Elementary

On this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution Heather interviews Randi Alston, the mother of a child who formerly attended Ventnor Elementary School until an incident with white supremacy. Randi was shocked to hear her 10 year old daughter tell her the school teacher mentioned that there were positive aspects of slavery and that some slaves “wanted to be slaves”.  After hearing this, Randi recorded her daughter recounting the lesson, which was intended to be about Harriet Tubman.  She posted the recording on a local forum. After coming out with her story, there have been attempts to silence Ms Alston. Now she feels unwelcome in her own community. She bravely joins us to share her story and ask for help with attending School Board meetings to try to get this unfair and racist curriculum changed. These kinds of micro aggression can not be allowed to stand unchecked. Hatred and racism is taught not natural. If we want to change the world, we need to support each other.

You can follow updates to this story here and here

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