#NJRR Live : Food Justice with Theresa Markila

Pastor Blake Spencer

Recorded Live at The Coffee House in Edison NJ 2/19/2020

Sponsored by The August Agency www.theaugustagency.biz

“A Journey to Me”

Blake Spencer was co-pastoring a church with his wife and raising 2 kids when he came out publicly as gay. His story is one we want to tell as part of the launching NJRR Video Productions, our new media service for the activist community. Learn more about his story…l

The struggle to answer this very question is the primary driving force of this documentary. Our full length version of this film will span Blake Spencer ‘s life from his childhood dealing with sexual confusion and denial to his present reality. Interviews with key subjects in his story will be mingled with his own story telling, such people include his mother, his ex-wife, former friends, and his children.

South American Turmoil and Progress

Christian Perez and Tom Violett join us to tell us about political violence and protests in Bolivia, Venezuela, and more chaos being instituted by economic terrorism in the form of sanctions. New Jersey Revolution Radio continues to report on these international affairs because the establishment refuses to keep up with the ongoing crisis in South America.

Theresa Markila

The Great Foodscape is not about providing food, it is about Food Justice. Our comrade Theresa Markila gives away free seeds. She teaches how take more control over our lives by growing food. Her work in New Jersey as an activist has inspired many. “The energizer bunny” keeps teaching communities love and compassion through work.

The stories and work that Theresa Markila, Blake Spencer, and our #NJRR activists all over the state need your support. Dontate to NJRR today and be a part of this growing revolution.

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