#NJRR Live – Madelyn Hoffman, Candidate for Senate 2020.

Madelyn Hoffman ran for Senate 2 years ago against the entrenched Bob Menendez and got over 25,000 votes. Now in 2020 she has a different political landscape. The Green Party Candidate with a long history of peace activism is back, and she looks to build her influence and her party.

Headshot of Madelyn Hoffman
Madelyn Hoffman of The Green Party of New Jersey

Diane Visits NY, Brian Sees Some Charges Dropped

Diane traveled across the river to hang out at a Margaret Kimberley Back in NJ. Not yet completely in the clear, Brian talks about his weed possession arrest and the fight that is still ongoing. He thanks his comrades Michele Burns and Ed “Lefty” Grimes from Sativa Cross for protesting the Middlesex County Sheriffs Department with him.

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