#NJRR Live with Diane and Brian: Sativa Cross, Art & Activism

|Recorded on December 11, 2019

This weeks show comes to you live at The Coffee House in Edison NJ and sponsored by Intuitive Touch Massage.

Brian and Diane start off by checking in with our comrade Christian Perez about what is going on in South America. Revolutions are going on around the world and the indigenous struggles against fascism in Bolivia and Brazil are real and important.

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Sativa Cross

We are joined this week by Ed “Lefty” Grimes and Mike Vintzileos also known as “Bonghole Leo” the singing water pipe that has been showing up at city council meetings. They talk about the history of their movement and how Art and Activism works for them.

Lefty and Bonghole Leo perform in Freehold.

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