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#NJRR Special Reports: A Tribute to Kevin Zeese on New Jersey Revolution Radio

On September 5, 2020 the revolutionary left lost a giant. Kevin Zeese was the Co-Director of Popular Resistance a key organizer for Occupy Wall Street, a Green Party Organizer, and a member of the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective.He started his activism as a lawyer with NORML advocating for cannabis legalization starting in 1980. He is survived by his long time partner Margaret Flowers, who was by his side as an activist. The partnership left a lasting impression on our world. We hope that the messages he left behind in these productions and all his other great works continue to change the world.

His appearances on our independent media network meant a lot. His knowledge and insight during these shows centered on the Venezuelan crisis that resulted in a failed coup. When the US and Imperialist allies around the world iot was Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin along with Kevin Zeese and many others who formed the “Embassy Protection Collective.” This group of revolutionaries stood up for peace occupying the Venezuelan Embassy in defiance of world powers and in the name of peace. The embassy was surrounded by boneheads rooting for the fascist Guido, who led this “Clown Car Coup” into the ground.

“That’s our job, unite people, create solidarity, and build an independent political movement that really stands up for economic, racial, environmental justice as well as peace.”

Kevin Zeese #NJRR Live 5/29/2019
  • Start – Part 1 #NJRR Live: A Special Panel on Venezuela January 30, 2019
  • 00:39:55 – Part 2 Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation March 21, 2019
  • 01:43:49 – Part 3 The US War Empire: A Panel Discussion May 28, 2019

A Legacy That Will Impact History

Kevin played a major role in educating the public and stopping the illegal coup from succeeding. That was only a part of his life we were lucy renough to share with him. His work goes far beyond what we can write about today. His life touched on issues from drug policy to international affairs to writing. Kevin left a legacy that can be studied longer than he lived. We hope that our collection of his works live on and continue to inspire generations of activists. New Jersey Revolution Radio and all our comrades extend our deepest condolences to his partner Margaret Flowers and all his friends, family, and comrades. Kevin Zeese, Presente!

#NJRR Live- Black History Matters: Teaching the Truth

Tonight, we are going to be talking about Critical Race Theory. Host Brian Powers will interview activist and comrade Jennifer Lewinski. What is CRT and why is it so important? Plus: cops in New Jersey got bodycams. Can we expect change as a result?

The #Idavox Report: Beth Foster and the Foster Woods Folks’ School

The #Idavox Report is coming at you, as we do every Tuesday at 8PM EST! Join Daryle Lamont Jenkins and Christian Perex as they interview a panel including Beth Foster and other educators. Beth Foster is the founder of the Foster Woods Folks’ School: “The Foster Woods Folk School focuses on education, storytelling, and the arts within an ecosocial justice framework aimed at celebrating and improving our connections as a global community of human and non-human earthlings.”

The #Idavox​ Report- Abe Lincoln: Closet Marxist?

This week, Daryle is going to blow a lot of minds. We are going to be looking at the ways in which one of our most beloved US presidents is connected to one of our most beloved revolutionaries. Was Lincoln a Marxist? Let’s get informed!

#NJRR Live: En Las Calles de Colombia con Angie Morales

What’s been going on in Colombia? Why are protests breaking out on the streets? And what about the crackdowns? Tonight, Brian will discuss all of this and more with Angie Morales of Ciudad en Movimiento (City on the Move.) Ciudad en Movimiento is a social and political organization with the objective to construct cities into dignified places to live for all.

#NJRR Live: Struggling To Stay Heard

This week, as always, #NJRR​ Live is coming at you from the grassroots. This week, Brian and Chris will meet with Tiffany Kaszuba, founder of the NJ Violet. Tiffany started her blog after she dropped out of the race for New Jersey Congress following repeated and unaddressed harassment by a fellow Democrat and scores of others who didn’t seem to care or covered it up. Shouldn’t more people be paying attention and working towards real changes? Let’s talk to an activist/advocate who’s been through it firsthand to find out.

#NJRR​ Live: Activism From The Grass Roots

Jennifer is an advocate for abolition and localized cooperative economics and is a co-founder of the Asbury Park Transformative Justice Project that seeks to lower recidivism and build safer communities by activating transformative justice practices in place of the current violent systems. She joins with host Christian Perez to talk about the work being done by social justice advocates and how they are making a difference!

Dave Grossman, Killology, & Police Brutality

We’ve talked about Dave Grossman and his Killology police trainings on the show before. This week, Daryle Lamont Jenkins will be exploring just how dangerous this man and his teachings are and the terrible effects they’ve had on the country. Let’s take a look into police culture in America.

#NJRR Live: Qualified Immunity and Police Accountability

Host Brian Powers welcomes Bennett Zurofsky to talk about the laws surrounding police accountability and how we can revolutionize the system. Plus! A movie review with Belisha Beacon on “Nomad Land” we will also re-cap the cannabis celebrations on 4-20 and talk about organizing this new post-pandemic/Trump world.

The IDAVOX Report: Minneapolis and Policing

Tonight’s #Idavox Report features our usual panel of Daryle, Brian, and Christian! This week, we’re reacting to the breaking news that Derek Chauvez was found guilty on all three counts in his murder of George Floyd. What does this milestone moment mean for the movement? How are other people reacting?

#NJRR Live: A Global Panel

Brian Powers and Co-Host Christian Perez are joined by Bahman Azad, and our new comrade Vijay Prashad both from the US Peace Council to talk about international affairs from China to South America. The US is pulling out of Afghanistan and in Alaska. China has flexed back on the US at a tense summit. Our panel will discuss the international relations of our imperialist nation today and try to steer the future towards peace.

The IDAVOX Report : Rudy Giuliani’s Racist Legacy

Join Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Christian Perez, and Brian Powers They discuss the racist legacy left behind by disgraced New York ex-mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Plus, Daryle tells us about a failed White Lives Matter rally that he witnessed.

#NJRR​ Live: “Grass”roots Activism with Sanjay Chaudhari

Tonight we interview Sanjay Chaudhari “Horticulturalist, Economist, Environmentalist, Geneticist, Trader, Healer, Activist ,Dreamer, Jedi” or as we know him, a cannabis activist who yells with and at Brian on social media. We are back! @RevRadNat streams every Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8pm EST!

#NJRR Live with Christian Perez

Join Christian and Brian Powers as they recap a busy year in activism and politics. @RevRadNat Special reports and revolutionary politics.

@RevRadNat Special Reports: The American Political Cult

QAnon is in the headlines, but political cults are not new. @RevRadNat Special Reports brings you Dr. La’Tesha Sampson and Christian Perez to talk about the American Political Cult. Dr. Sampson licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist and Christian is a professor of political science who teaches and studies conspiracy theories. From small sects of followers who sell papers for hidden leaders to the sociopathic leaders who kill, cults have been involved in history since politics started. We will ask about who gets involved with these kinds of organizations?

#NJRR​ Live: 15 When?

Join 3 veteran organizers who have been fighting for a raise of the minimum wage for too long, from the early days of the Seattle victory to the current mess in Congress. Host Brian Powers was involved in 15 Now NJ from the early part of 2014 and the others were involved when $15 an hour seemed like a lot to most Americans. Years later, it isn’t enough, and we still can’t get there.

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