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Unidad Latina en Acción

Tonight, our first guests are Maya Aronoff and Elias Rojop of Unidad Latina en Acción, which is a grassroots organization with the goal of promoting immigrant workers’ rights. Elias and two other workers were hired by a Dr. Phillip, a successful dentist who owns multiple properties to do construction on an apartment complex this past Autumn. Much of their agreement was in writing, however, Dr. Phillip is refusing to finish paying Elias. Elias and the other workers are owed $1700. 

Unidad Latina en Acción has attempted to contact Phillip through letters and phone calls in order to come to an agreement about this money. However, they have been ignored. Unidad has now resorted to filing a complaint with the Department of Labor and engaging in direct actions outside of Phillips’ office and home in Freehold, New Jersey in the meantime as the complaint goes through. The direct actions include parading a giant balloon rat down Phillips’ street. 

Immigrant Workers’ Rights

Elias emphasizes that workers deserve to be paid and any immigrant workers struggling with similar issues can seek out Unidad Latina en Acción for help. Elias’ case has been taken on by a pro bono lawyer who was found through Unidad. Maya encourages those struggling to reach out to community organizations. 

The Unidad Latina en Acción has a website through which you can donate to their Day Laborers emergency relief fund. All money goes directly to day laborers who have not been included in federal relief due to their immigration status. Unidad Latina en Acción is an organization that comes from, for, and by workers. Exploitation of workers is unacceptable and will not stand.

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#NJRR Live Welcomes Pastor Corey L. Teague

Our next guest tonight is Pastor Corey L. Teague out of Paterson, New Jersey. Corey has been an activist in Paterson for approximately 20 years now. He is currently serving as Commissioner of the Paterson Board of Education. Brian and Corey met when Brian had just started with Revolution Radio. 

Corey is involved with the struggles involving incarceration in North Jersey, particularly in Passaic County. He is also running for Paterson Student Council at large. He has not picked a party yet, but he is leaning towards Independent. Like us at Revolution Radio, Corey is tired of the bullshit two-party system in America and he hears the same sentiment echoed in his community.


Corey was also involved with the #JusticeForJameek movement. Jameek Lowery, a young Black man, livestramed himself going to the police for help and was clearly in need of medical attention. Mysteryously, he died after being traumautized in their custody. Details are extremely shady even though there is damning Live video evidence that shows the police neglecting Jameek, and the departments abhorhent recent history of criminal behavior.

Corey reports that he is still in touch with Jameek’s family. He refrains from spreading rumors about the situation, but he still shares #JusticeForJameek content on social media, demanding answers. While we are still waiting for more answers and legislative change, Corey is praying for Jameek’s family.

Faith-Based Activism

At weekly sermons, Corey preaches messages of activism and evidence. His faith is strong but so is his proof. His sermons are usually virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions, but he sometimes attends limited gatherings. He keeps busy with preaching and activism, often to the point where he arguably does not get enough sleep.

If you want to get in touch with Corey, he has Facebook and Instagram accounts. Corey encourages us to get involved! He will return your call if he doesn’t answer right away. If you would like to donate, Corey’s Cash App tag is $CoreyLTeague.

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Until next week, everyone, stay safe.

-Leah Giannantonio for the New Jersey Revolution Radio network

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