State Of The Revolution : Paul Robeson

In this episode of State Of The Revolution, Heather and Jeremy discuss the testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities. You can listen here:

Jeremy and Heather examine the life of Paul Robeson and discuss how his testimony that took place 70 years ago is still very relevant to what is happening today. From imperialism, to police brutality, to the rebellion sweeping the country. Even Trump’s attempted “Muslim Ban” was directly impacted by the McCarthy era and policies put in place almost 70 years ago.

Paul Robeson should be listed among the names of the civil rights giants, but his name has been largely erased from history. He was a man ahead of his times and a ceaseless fighter for the the rights of a marginalized people. A NJ native, most known for his booming base baritone voice as the singer of “Old Man River” in the movie Showboat. He was also a football player, actor, lawyer, world traveler, and could speak almost a dozen languages. A trip to the Soviet Union changed his life and put him on the path of fighting fascism and racism in his home country.

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