The GPNJ House at The Green Annual National Meeting: A Recap

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Extinction Rebellion

About “political change,” Extinction Rebellion promotes mass “above the ground” civil disobedience. They aim to shake the political system (meaning economic disruption)  There is a large NY event coming up on October 7. Check out for more info. Diane has been attending planning meetings, and continues to participate in actions dating back to January- and actions are being taken in New Jersey.  They are planning to work with Newark Water Coalition.

Did you know- that Newark has twice the levels of lead as the water in Flint, Michigan? Our comrade Anthony Diaz appeared on national TV to talk about the Newark Water Coalition.

Check out Extinction Rebellion New Jersey h for an upcoming meeting about an “epic” action.

Community Cannabis Forums

Cannabis legalization should not be about profit!  We need to focus on issues like mass incarceration,and the cost of medicines. The corporate crowd has dominated the discussion. Our forums are about your community.

Save the date for your area! Newark September 25, New Brunswick October 19, Trenton November 2.

New Brunswick on October 19 and in Trenton on November 2. If you want to become a sponsor click here!

Green Party 2019  Annual National Meeting 

New Jersey Revolution Radio live-streamed several panels and workshops. Tonights panel recaps the long weekend of workshops, a presidential forum, and a party house in Salem Mass. See our below live stream gallery from the 4 day event!

We could not have covered this convention without your help! If you want more indy media please give us a few dollars to make it happen! 

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