The IDAVOX Report: Minneapolis and Policing

Tonight’s Dinner Is Roasted Pig

Hello and welcome to tonight’s Idavox Report on the Revolution Radio Network. Daryle is in a good mood today. For others, that is partially because it is 4/20. To those of us who celebrate, happy holidays! But for all of us, it is mostly because it was announced just hours ago that the man who killed George Floyd has been found guilty on all three counts. 

Daryle reminds us that, as he retweeted earlier today, this is not the end of something, but the start of something. This isn’t over. People were killed as we were waiting for this trial to take place and for police murder to be condemned. The guilty verdict is a good sign, but the fight isn’t over. The killer is only the eighth police officer to be convicted of murder since 2005. The last time a police officer was convicted in Minneapolis, it was a black officer for shooting a white woman. 

Mixed Reactions to A Black And White Issue

People on the right are reacting just as you might think they would. FOX News anchor Greg Gutfield commented that he is glad that Chavin was found guilty, even if he wasn’t guilty. This is because Gutfield’s neighborhood was being looted. Gutfield’s response is horrifically insensitive because, among other reasons, he is centering himself in an issue that he was never a part of.

Speaking of insensitive reactions, the panel takes a look at what Nancy Pelosi tweeted in reaction to the trial’s result. Her tweet ridiculously, asserted that Floyd’s death was a sacrifice. She actually used the word sacrifice. This is beyond offensive for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that George Floyd did not choose his tragic, brutal, and unjust death.

[Greg Gutfield making insensitive comments on FOX News]

[April 20, 2021 #Idavox Report with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Christian Perez, and Brian Powers]

Continued Fight

Meanwhile, the GOP attempted to censure Representative Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, because of remarks she made about protests relative to the trial. Waters preached that we need to persist in confronting the injustice in our system. Certain Republicans have ridiculously suggested that this was an act of insurrection.

[Maxine Waters on protesting and the Derek Chauvin trial]

The fight is not over. People are still dying in the streets and being murdered by police officers in their own homes. Black kids are being harassed by police for riding bikes in their own neighborhoods. We need political solutions in order to advance as a society that does not operate on violence. Additionally, our culture has to change. After all, social change is a facilitator of political change.

Political Change

The hearts and minds of the American people need to be opened. The lens through which we see others needs to be altered. The fabric of who we are as a nation has to completely change. It isn’t easy to get rid of that kind of hate. It takes a really long time.

As long as the police think they can get away with it, they will do it. Whether or not this verdict changes things significantly, us activists will keep reinforcing the message that police cannot get away with violence. 

There are solutions that are afoot. We just have to ask people to commit to those solutions. There are a lot of things that we fight for that are easy fixes. The only reason they haven’t been fixed yet is because the wrong people are in power. We have to show people that this is the case; convince them that a better world is possible and worth fighting for.

Police Can Quit Their Jobs

Daryle has been organizing for 30 years. He has witnessed countless police killings since then. Daryle used to serve in the air force. When he was in the air force, he was a cop. He was a self-described crappy cop, and he got kicked out, but he was indeed a cop. While he was working, he had a racist roommate and a co-worker who ended up raping a peer. Daryle’s experience in the air force is a huge part of what turned him to activism.

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As Brian says at the end of his show, police can quit their jobs. If not for being fired, Daryle would have quit being a cop. Since the death of George Floyd, New Jersey state police have seen a very significant drop in recruitment rates, hitting historic lows.  Recruitment rates, which are usually around 15,000/year, dropped to only about 2,000 last year according to an article by

Two Distant Strangers

Daryle has been involved in several film festivals during his career as a producer. It is through these festivals that he learned of a new short film, Two Distant Strangers. The trailer for this film conveys a film similar to groundhog day, but with a Black protagonist dying to police violence every day. The film is out now and can be found on Netflix.

The trailer reminds one of our viewers of killology. Killology is a term invented by law enforcement trainer Dave Grossman that refers to the psychology of taking a life. David Grossman trained police for years. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, his trainings were halted, but it was too late: the damage had been done. For example, the officer that killed Philando Castile trained under Grossman. Although Two Distant Strangers is a film, its narrative is not fiction.

Until Next Time

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Until next time, everyone, stay safe and stay informed.

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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