The #Idavox Report: Rod Webber and the Hunter “Daddy” Biden Art Gallery

Welcome to the #Idavox Report!

Welcome again to the #Idavox Report! Daryle Lamont Jenkins begins by acknowledging the 10th anniversary of the Oslo shooting, wherein an anti-Muslim scumbag took many lives. Daryle extends sympathy and compassion to the families of the victims, who have now been missing loved ones for 10 years.

Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa join us tonight to discuss a recent incident that occurred in New York City. Rod Webber recently gained fame when he got arrested at the Hunter Biden art gallery. He was there in protest, but his protest was not targeting Hunter Biden. In fact, Lauren notes that she and Rod would probably be willing to hang out with him. 

[The #Idavox Report July 20, 2021 with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, Rod Webber, and Lauren Pespisa]

Daddy War Crimes

When it comes to Bidens, Rod’s problem is not with Hunter, but with Joe. Rod points out that Joe Biden has had a long history of working with segregationists and klansmen, bombing Middle Eastern countries, and generally furthering the military-industrial complex. He has insidiously hampered journalism by acts of corruption such as keeping journalist Julian Assange in jail. He is deeply corrupt and that corruption is spreading through the world more than ever now that he is president.

Brian cues up a video in which the event from early July at the Hunter Biden art gallery is documented. Rod was assaulted and held down forcefully after having spray-painted the word “DADDY” (originally intended to say “DADDY WAR CRIMES”) on the wall of the gallery. The word was written in erasable hairspray, might we add.

Rod’s Struggle

Rod continues to be restrained, and a few scuffles break out. He cleverly mocks his assailant and calls out Joe Biden in creative ways for approximately nearly 15 golden minutes (the actual live stream lasted an hour and a half) until the police arrive. His assailant tackles him down and then prevents him from accessing emergency medical personnel when they arrive. 

Rod is being charged with graffiti, assault, criminal mischief, and one other similar charge. The first two charges are bullshit, absolutely not true, and hopefully won’t stick (like the hairspray!) If one watches the video, one can clearly see that the assault did not come from Rod, but rather from the man restraining him. 

Unsurprisingly, news outlets on both the left and right are covering the incident in very unfair ways. Rod is being widely labeled in headlines as a conspiracy theorist and emphasis is being put on his purported crimes instead of on his message. Independent media, such as Revolution Radio, continues to be more trustworthy than mainstream news sources. When it comes to grassroots activism, independent media is crucial to getting the word out. 

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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