Vida Neil Is Back And Talking Camden

Camden’s only blogger, Vida Neil is back on NJRR. She joins Heather for some real talk about what is going on in Camden. This time she brought a friend with her Mangolaiso Davis.

Things are rough in Camden. The state of New Jersey is in the middle of a dangerous cold pattern. We are under a code blue in many cities. These temperatures could be life threatening. So what is the city of Camden doing to keep its residents safe? Nothing! The grassroots community is doing it themselves with no help and no money. The residents have been busy organizing warming and feeding centers throughout the city. This is what we always talk about here on NJRR. Building alternative organs of power.

Vida and Mangolais pull no punches talking about the corruption, racism, and ineptitude of the south jersey politicians. They tell the often hard to hear truths that so many of us in the suburbs have been blissfully ignorant of. That ends here. Substandard water, schools, safety, and services plague every aspect of Camden residents’ lives. In this episode you will hear how bad things are from first hand stories.

This is an S.O.S. for people that give a damn to get involved. Find Vida Neil on Facebook and follow her. Call Governor Murphy and tell him to come to Camden and talk to the residents, not the commissioners. He can step in and help if he chooses to.

Finally they talk about a march on Trenton they are organizing. If Governor Murphy is afraid to come to Camden then Camden will come to him. Follow us as we post details of this event in the future.

To hear more of Vida listen here.
The first time Vida appeared on NJRR

4 comments on “Vida Neil Is Back And Talking Camden

  1. Anne Carroll says:

    Excellent interview, Heather.

    1. Heather Warburton says:

      Thanks, Vida is such an astoundingly awesome woman.

  2. Denise Lewis says:

    Great interview! Keep fighting Vida!

  3. Crystal Evans says:

    You Go Girl! We can no longer allow Norcross and his political operatives to destroy people with their lies, manipulation and deception

    “Enough”. God wants people to Unite against this corrupt machine. We must stand up and speak out against this political dictator and his crazy corrupt schemes. The truth will come to light. Thank you for standing up

    Evil falls when Good Unites

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