We Can Feed People Or We Can Bomb Them, The Choice Seems Obvious

Today, Heather is joined in the studio by 2 local members of Food Not Bombs – Atlantic City. They discuss grassroots organizing in Atlantic City. Their goal is feeding people instead of spending money on the bloated outrageous military budget. They help organize the people to take the power back from those who take resources from the community. Power belongs with the people.

Feeding Atlantic City

Heather interviews Conner and Michael from FNB-AC. This is a new chapter of the national Food Not Bombs organization. Food Not Bombs was started in 1980 by a dedicated group of activists. They are an anti-war group that believes food is a human right. They organized the Atlantic City chapter to counter the gentrification of the new Stockton University campus. This will displace even more people who already have to choose between rent and food. Higher costs of living can force people into homelessness. FNB provides food to those already struggling under capitalism. They provide bulk food items every Saturday morning. The food comes from donations.

Basic Rights

Conner and Michael describe the basic rights that all people have. People have the right to food, shelter, and clothing. They also believe healthcare is a human right. Military spending often takes precedence over these human rights. We spend billions on death and displacement instead of caring for people. Food Not Bombs seeks to create a strong anti war movement. The saddest part is that money is spent on furthering capitalism. The soldiers are not benefiting from that spending. Conner was in the military. He speaks from his heart. He notes how many former soldiers become socialist organizers. They see the waste of resources first hand.

Food Not Bombs Needs Help

Can you donate or help them serve? You can reach out to them on Facebook here.

Food Not Bombs partners with For The People in Atlantic City. Check out FTP here

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