Bennet Zurofsky Esq.

NJRR Live – Out of Control: Afrika Patrols Cops

Why is it that the police need patrolling? Community members should feel protected by cops, not that they need to protect themselves against them. Our comrade Afrika has been on the streets of New Jersey with a video recorder and a good sense of morality, catching cops in the act. At what point does a traffic stop become harassment? Where is the line between appropriate law enforcement and abuse of power? Let’s see if Afrika can help us find it.

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The #Idavox Report with Daryle Lamont Jenkins July 27, 2021

Make sure you catch the Idavox Report this week, because we’re about to take a break for the month of August! Will you miss us? We will miss you. But tonight, before all that, Daryle Lamont Jenkins is going to be talking about a failed rally at which he stopped by. Christian Perez and Brian Powers will be there as well! Don’t miss our classic Idavox panel as we approach summer break.

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@RevRadNat Special Report: Activists are being silenced. What is law enforcement doing?

Brian Powers welcomes Revolution Radio editorial board member Bennet Zurofsky Esq. to discuss our constitutional rights and try to get an idea of why law enforcement is questioning our comrades and Facebook is tearing down activist activity.

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