The History of the Cuban Revolution with Nick Ramos

@RevRadNat hosts a discussion about Castro, Batista, and the Cuban Revolution with Nick Ramos historian and podcaster!

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#NJRR Live: Taking Back Power From The Corrupt

This week on #NJRR Live, we will be covering an assortment of topics! Join Brian Powers and Christian Perez as they break down what’s been going on in politics, local, international, and interplanetary! …No, seriously.

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A Brief History of US Imperialism

Hello and welcome, all, to New Jersey Revolution Radio, New Jersey’s premier socialist podcast. Today it is our pleasure to welcome Christian Perez, host of podcast Modernity and Absurdity, as our guest. Perez is something of a regular to NJRR; he’s been on our show a few times before. Today he is bringing us a brief introduction to US Imperialism.

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