NJRR Live: Immigration under Biden: Democrats Goose Stepping With ICE

Our guests this week will be talking plainly about the North Jersey Democrats and their cooperation with ICE. The entrance of Joe Biden made them strengthen their ties and enter into a decade-long agreement to continue running concentration camps in Northern New Jersey.

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#NJRR Live: Vaccines Are Being Tried in the US. What Do The Tests Mean?

Laurie Endicott-Thomas, author of “No More Measles” joins us to get the facts straight about how vaccine testing works, and what this recent trial of 30,000 doses could tell us. PLUS: Dr. Le’Tesha Sampson returns as the Clark PD is under investigation and has been taken over by the Prosecutors office.
Every week we return for more interviews with the grassroots. #NJRR Live is dedicated to the mission of New Jersey Revolution Radio of fostering Art and Activism.

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The Right Has Created A Cottage Industry Of Lies

In this episode, Heather interview Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project, and the movie Skin about his work opposing fascism and the recent fascist conference being held in Pitman NJ. Heather Warburton 0:02 This is Wine, Women, and Revolution with your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on New…

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