New York City

The #Idavox Report: The Future of New York City With Ash J.

Looks like another worm for the Big Apple. This week, on the #Idavox Report, we’re going to be talking about New York City mayor-elect Eric Adams! Our special guest will be Ash Jegroo
@AshAgony, a multimedia journalist who specializes in topics relevant to this discussion. For example, Ash writes professionally about police issues, whereas Eric Adams is a former police captain. Ash regularly covers such complex issues as state violence and oppression, radical political movements, and anti-fascism in his pieces for The Santiago Times, The Appeal, Truthout, and many other outlets.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins will be breaking it all down along with special guest Ash J. and the usual panel of Brian Powers and Christian Perez.

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The #Idavox Report: Rod Webber and the Hunter “Daddy” Biden Art Gallery

Oh, ho, ho, we’ve got a lot to talk about this week! Buckle your seatbelt, because this Tuesday at 8PM EST, Daryle Lamont Jenkins will be hosting Rod Webber, and they’re going to discuss what happened a few weeks ago at Hunter Biden’s art gallery. Why was Rod, who was not fighting back, being physically restrained before the cops even got to the scene? Let’s take a look at some video footage and find out what was going on. And let’s not forget that Thursday is Daryle’s birthday. Finally, we will be remembering another anniversary of the tragic terrorist attack in Oslo. Come join us!

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The IDAVOX Report : Rudy Giuliani’s Racist Legacy

Join Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Christian Perez, and Brian Powers They discuss the racist legacy left behind by disgraced New York ex-mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Plus, Daryle tells us about a failed White Lives Matter rally that he witnessed.

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