Rod Webber

The #Idavox Report: Featuring Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa

This week, on the Idavox Report, we are going to be hosting two of our favorite guests, Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa. Rod and Lauren are a movie-making married duo and their latest work is about to premiere in December! 2020: The Dumpster Fire will be in theatres December 7. In the film, Rod travels the country and examines the civil unrest that unfolded throughout the year. Rod’s new song, “Joe Biden Wrote The Patriot Act”, is featured in the movie.

In their spare time, Rod and Lauren get into lots of trouble working in media, trolling politicians with performance art, and generally raising hell. On this week’s episode, we will be discussing some legal issues that Lauren is currently experiencing. Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez will all be on tonight’s show! This episode of the #Idavox Report will premiere tonight at 8:00. We hope to see you there!

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The #Idavox Report: Rod Webber and the Hunter “Daddy” Biden Art Gallery

Oh, ho, ho, we’ve got a lot to talk about this week! Buckle your seatbelt, because this Tuesday at 8PM EST, Daryle Lamont Jenkins will be hosting Rod Webber, and they’re going to discuss what happened a few weeks ago at Hunter Biden’s art gallery. Why was Rod, who was not fighting back, being physically restrained before the cops even got to the scene? Let’s take a look at some video footage and find out what was going on. And let’s not forget that Thursday is Daryle’s birthday. Finally, we will be remembering another anniversary of the tragic terrorist attack in Oslo. Come join us!

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Exploring Jimmy Dore’s Boogaloo Bullshit – with Special Guests Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa

Remember when so-called comedian Jimmy Dore had a member of a hate group on his show? Well, that Boogaloo clown has been doxxed. We’re going to be talking about it with Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa, who have been in contact with Jimmy Dore about the incident.

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The Idavox Report: Movie Makers “2020 The Dumpster Fire”

Join Daryle Lamont Jenkins and crew to talk about the movie with its creators, Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa. The movie is a series of public activist displays, some directed at unfortunate politicians like then-campaigning Joe Biden (who Rod serenaded in the movie.) We also get to work exposing CPAC and other smaller gatherings of idiots. Join us for The #IDAVOX​ Report!

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