Our guest on the #NJRR Livestream this week is Patrick Martin, a Senior Political writer for the World Socialist Web Site and a member of the National Committee of the Socialist Equality Party in the United States. He has been an active participant in the socialist movement for more than 45 years.

In this interview Patrick discusses his work on the series “The CIA Democrats“. He and his comrades on the editorial board did a “systematic evaluation of all serious candidates” by looking at public records and researching the candidates own statements to find connections to the military industrial complex.

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While many veterans have served, not all of them are pro-war. None of the 30 nominees for office with a military background have spoken about the tremendous cost in lives, the suicide epidemic of veterans, or the complete waste of money on violent foreign policy. These candidates, including 4 Democrats from New Jersey that won nominations and could win in November. While voices for peace like our comrades Madelyn Hoffman and Diane Moxley cannot get into the debates, the Democrats openly campaign for war.

I was at the March For Peace a couple weeks ago. No Democrats would come. They will not speak up unless they feel the pressure of a movement coming. Lets make a difference for peace here in New Jersey by growing that movement. -BP

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The CIA Democrats: A balance sheet of the primaries

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