Two-Party System, Same Coin

By Shevone Torres

In this climate, the two-party system has morphed into tribalism. Each day it gets more and more “us vs. Them.” Unfortunately, the marginalized communities are the one who suffer. 

For us, we already knew what the Republican Party was about: dog whistles, a penchant for lying and blaming people of color for everything wrong, protecting the rich and big companies. 

Today, we have people spouting the line “vote blue no matter who,” or “If you don’t agree with me you are giving your vote to Trump.” Often heard out of these same mouths is “You’re being divisive.” It’s no surprise that this mostly comes from privileged white people who just recently got into the resistance business. Meanwhile, we been here – y’all just got here. 

Democrats are behaving like Republicans, but with a smile. Everyone is fine listening to black women until we don’t agree. Then maybe they don’t want to listen as much as they want black women to be quiet and get along.  People want to thank black women, but only until they bring up legitimate grievances. White people are saying “We are all in this together” -if white people benefit.  They think it’s cool if people of color benefit, but only if it’s on their terms. Trickle down benefits are okay with them, but not if they are inconvenienced in any way. 

Democrats have turned in their morals in exchange for donations from big companies (I’m watching y’all). They traded the party that was a haven for the downtrodden to the party that concedes to Republican demands, leaving out the marginalized. The Democrats have lost their way with this tribalism. It has become “Do what we deem important.” “Fall in line. Don’t you dare have an opinion other than ours.” The party that was once the moral compass of the country is now a shadow of itself. They are ignoring a big chunk of their voting block — black people – especially black women.  

Democrats have morphed into a grotesque entity that devours any and all who oppose them. Even in N.J. they wanted to gerrymander the districts, which directly harms marginalized communities. Instead of focusing on voter intimidation, which lowers their voter turnout, voter suppression, they chose the route of the Republican. Instead of helping others they helped themselves to more power. This will hurt them in the long run.  Lord help me if they read this now. I can hear the comments now, “You’re divisive!” … “because of you we will have 4 more years of Trump!”  

I used to think the Democratic Party was a safe space for marginalized folks.  Like George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” at the end when the animals could not tell pig from humans, that’s what the party looks to us now – unable to tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans.  It’s not too late to amend these travesties. Democrats can become the party that will light the way to a more progressive path ensuring ALL Americans can have hope. If they continue this path, in the end, it’s us, the marginalized communities, who will suffer.